It is normal to face challenges and failures in business. What’s not normal and productive is not to be able to be resilient enough to stand up again after a fall. Fortunately, one of the few rare people who can manage to rise again after a series of challenges is José Auriemo Neto, which is the chairman and CEO of JHSF.

The Executive Profile

One of the most prominent things that people don’t seem to remember about Mr. Neto is the fact that he’s been the man behind the successful operations of JHSF. Being the CEO of the company means that he’s able to navigate all through the challenges of the activities, as well as carry the weight and burden of sustaining the company’s growth. There are now companies that have duly failed to grow because of lack of managerial skills from the executives, but with the help of people like Mr. Neto, these challenges are then duly met with solutions.

It could also be useful to say here that Mr. Neto was also the man responsible for the growth of Shopping Santa Cruz, and for making sure that managing it would be as easy as can be. It is also evident in the executive profile you can read about him that Mr. Neto is not just credentials. He’s not just reputation. He’s not just wealth. He’s all about providing jobs by risking his own money. He’s all about making sure that people can enjoy the pleasures, wealth and prosperity that the latest technology can give. If only we had more people like Mr. Neto, we could find a way to make sure that the employment projects and challenges of the modern times could get the solutions they deserve.

The Future

One of the most defining qualities of a spectacular business leader is the ability to adopt and adapt. The great thing about Mr. Neto is that he is adapting and is making himself future-proof. There are many threats to survival these days, especially for business leaders, and because he’s able to get all these ideas on how to run a business, he makes sure that these threats are uprooted immediately after they show signs of threat.

Banyan Hill Editor Ted Bauman works to provide privacy, asset protection, investment strategies, and more to those who want to protect their assets in the best, safest way possible. He has been working at Bayan Hill since 2013 and edits The Plan B Club, Alpha Stock Alert, and The Bauman Letter. He also writes for Banyan Hill’s The Sovereign Investigator Daily.

The Bauman Letter is a set of reports that outline a wide variety of ways to increase financial security and protect your assets. Recent articles include 7 Secrets to Doubling Your Gains Before You Buy a Single Stock and 7 Free Ironclad Tools for Protecting Your Money and Privacy in Today’s Digital Age. He uses these letters to provide consumers with factual, helpful ways to increase revenue and protection.

In addition to his career at Banyan Hill, Ted Bauman also writes for various other online publishers, such as and Crunchbase. On, he focuses on more ways to save money, the economy, personal finance, and other investment and money related fields. Some of his most recent articles include Act Now On Tax Reform and Save Thousands and The Incredibly Easy Way to Boost Your Gains by 1,900%.

On his Crunchbase profile, he has contributed to several articles as well on his field of expertise, including finance, bitcoin activity, and taxes. Some recent articles include Finance Expert Ted Bauman Explains 10 Lucrative Tax Tips and Ted Bauman Tells You What You Need to Know About the New Tax Plan.

Late last year, Ted Bauman sat down for an interview with Ideamensch to discuss his career and past experiences. While Ted was born in Washington D.C., he attended college in South Africa at the University of Capetown with degrees in History and Economics. Since then, Ted has worked for a wide variety of non=profits. He stated that while his focus is in economics, his true career is in writing, something that he enjoys a lot because he gets to take topics in finance and create articles that people actually want to read. In addition, he enjoys the ability to work from home and get his writing started during the morning, which he says is his most productive time of day. He discussed past failures and successes, and how they have shaped him into the person he is today. Read:


Dr. Shafik Sachedina works with Jamati Institutions. He is the head of the department and he is also a dental surgeon. Shafik was born in 1950 in Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania.

As an adult, Dr. Shafik is a very active person in organizations. He is serving in various organizations yet some in different countries. For instance, Shafik is the Secretariat Aga Khan in France. At the same time, he is the joint chairman of Sussex Healthcare in UK.

Sussex Healthcare is an organization that offers support and shelter for patients. These patients require more attention than they can get from their families at home. As a result, Sussex Healthcare offers a comfortable home, treatment and care that these patients need. Dr. Shafik is a part of this organization because it seeks to deliver quality and fulfillment to its clients. The centers believe in offering holistic healthcare. To achieve this objective, the organization has availed facilities and amenities for the patients. All homes have sufficient personnel to look after patients. The homes have specialists in different fields to help patients. Therapists, caregivers, nurses, doctors, personal trainers and even educationists are there to serve the residents. For more than twenty five years, this is what Sussex Healthcare has been doing for the community.

Read more: Ismaili Imamat’s Diplomatic Corps: Senior Officials of the Seat of Ismaili Imamat, Personal Representatives of the Imam & AKDN Resident Representatives

Dr. Shafik is a major personality in the Ismaili Community Institutions. These institutions are located in sixteen strategic areas. His role in Aga Khan is important for the Ismaili Communities. He is the link interface between these two organizations. However, the Ismaili Communities in this case are those in Central Asia.

Dr. Shafik studied his dental surgeon degree at Guy’s Hospital and Dental School in London. After completing his education, he moved to England. Most of Dr. Shafik’s practice happened here. After practicing for many years, Shafik developed entrepreneurial spirit. He wanted to help people in other ways of business. Therefore, he invested in the health sector.

One important thing in Shafik’s life is voluntary service. For example, most of what he does for Jamati Institutions is voluntary work. He is also a member of other several organizations that he has extended his volition. Among the organization Shafik is serving are FOCUS, Ismaili Leaders International Forum, Ismaili Council and Aga Khan Development Network Committee. Dr. Shafik understands the importance of volition. He would like to encourage his successors to do the same. It is also a tradition in the Ismaili Communities to volunteer. This is an essential value for the young people in the communities.

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In response to the incoming trend of mergers and acquisitions amongst major corporations, predicted to be a major factor for stock prices by Jeff Yastine in 2018, editorial director of Banyan Hill Publishing, recommended three stocks that are primed to challenge Amazon’s retail sector. Mr. Yastine’s prediction didn’t take long to come to fruition, as the talk of a potential merger between Embraer and Boeing caused a significant rise in the stock price of the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer. By February, there were already rumors that a mutually lucrative deal had come into play, which would result in the two powerhouses of the Americas to combine their commercial manufacturing sector while keeping military contracts separate. As a result of his career as an anchor with PBS’ s Nightly Business Report, Mr. Yastine gained intimate knowledge of the inner workings of big-box stores and focused his attention on the retail market.

Mr. Yastine recently suggested that savvy investors turn their attention to the nationwide grocery chain, Kroger, which after a loss of about one-third in stock value, due to Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods, proceeded to take the rights steps to remain competitive. Whole Foods, while backed by the electronic commerce juggernaut, has suffered due to the fact that product prices have only fallen about 1.1 percent, while quality is widely viewed to have declined noticeably. Kroger currently operates close to 3,000 stores around the country, with the planned implementation of automated checkout systems, overhead costs will be cut considerably, allowing them to remain competitive with Whole Foods. Check:

Jeff Yastine also recommends that investors take a look at eBay, which has a wide variety of buyers and sellers, making it one of the most well-established auction websites in the world. eBay currently has the ammunition to compete with Amazon, but if it were to be acquired by a powerhouse, such as Google, its potential could be greatly boosted. Becoming a subsidiary of Google would greatly benefit the auction website, as they would be able to take advantage of free advertising resulting from Google search results.

W.W. Grainger rounds off the list of recommended stocks to consider, which remains a powerful contender due to its solid infrastructure, as it currently owns its own distribution and storage facilities. This would greatly increase the power of any corporation looking to compete with Amazon, while also recouping the loss in stock prices resulting from fear of its lack of ability in delivering against the economic commerce company.

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Igor Cornelsen is a determined man who wanted to make something of his life for himself. He was born in Brazil in 1947 and eventually went to college at the Federal University of Parana. He succeeded in getting a degree in engineering and eventually went to work at an investment bank. This is where his real talent for number showed and it made him a success in the industry. He worked hard and made it to the Board of Directors of a bank called Multibanco. He would move on to other opportunities and become part of a London bank called Libra Bank PLC. After he moved to London, he found many more opportunities in the marketplace and eventually moved on to create his own firm. In an interview with Ideamensch, he talks about what his life is like and the key to his success.

Igor says that his days begin very early in the city of Sao Paolo. He makes sure to watch the news on the markets daily to keep up with what is going on in the marketplace. Sometimes he will attend meetings with his colleagues to get their take on the stock markets and companies making news that day. He will ask for information about the companies and not people’s opinions about what is going on in the international world of the stock markets. Read more at

The key for Igor is to find out information about a company before the company can make a big move. He does this by getting his information directly from a company called Reuters. Hw says that Reuters has no bias when it comes to the markets and he can make the best decision that he can in order to maximize his portfolio on a daily basis. He says that is the key to how successful he has become.

Igor Cornelsen has come a long way from Brazil and back again. He found that he had a talent for numbers and investments. He finds that he can be ahead of the curve when it comes to trends in the markets. Information is the key. Learn more:


Lime Crime Cosmetics has been on the scene for several years and has garbed much recognition thanks to its bright, fun colors. Doe Deere is the name behind the company’s success and she’s just as cool as her brand. From Russia to New York City, Doe has made a name for herself and keeps getting better.


Doe Deere made her way to New York City at the age of seventeen, completely inspired by by fashion and the beauty industry. Doe was born and raised in a small town in Russia and he always adored colors. As a child, Doe would play dress up with friends during their fashionable slumber parties. Doe would always apply their makeup in cool ways and they would pretend to be witches. It is no surprise that she would grow up so be in charge of her own beauty brand. She also had the time of her life in New York creating her band and falling in love with her now husband. Things would ultimately get even better for the charismatic entrepreneur.


Doe Deere had her publicized start in fashion with the popular website, eBay. She was able to display the fashions that she created herself and soon would inspire many fans with her amazing sense of style. Doe had big dreams to take her small business to the next level and brainstormed on a way she could do just that. She noticed that color and the wow factor she was looking for in regards to makeup was missing. She was determined to bring the beauty world what it had been missing. Learn more:


Lime Crime Cosmetics by Doe Deere was officially launched in 2008 and quickly gained a following. Lime is Doe’s favorite color and the brand’s name is unusual enough to be highly searchable online. Her line initially churned out lipsticks, eyeshadows and nail polishes in fun and flirty colors. In addition to the colors, Doe’s cosmetics line is completely cruelty free and vegan.


Doe Deere is extremely business savvy and truly cares about Lime Crime’s fan base. She launches contests for her fans to participate in and has giveaways to keep them coming back for more. “Must-Be-Pink!” is the cool name of her contest and it has certainly helped bring in her 3 million fans on Instagram. Fans can also check out her flair for makeup on other social media platforms such as Twitter.


Doe rises at 8:30 sharp every morning, and does some mandatory stretching. She enjoys working from her and never skips her makeup and hair routine. She always has either pink, or purple hair and usually jams to the Beatles during her favorite routine. Doe Deere’s story is truly inspiring to all those looking to make a career for themselves. Doe advises to take criticism seriously and use it as a way to better your business. Be sure to follow Lime Crime Cosmetics on Instagram for more information on a chance to enter upcoming giveaways.

It takes exceptional talent to realize what can be done in the world of fashion and it takes drive to make dreams come true. That’s why someone like Kate Hudson is already amazing simply for managing to get into the world of online retail and fashion. That she was able to go so far that she managed to make a company with millions in sales and plenty of people satisfied is more impressive. Something very impressive has happened here and the story is only being told now. Fabletics is an example of how a company takes on giants and makes it self into something more tangible.


The power of the crowd is everything in fashion and no retailer can escape its importance. For Hudson that meant she needed to find a way to use social media to make sure people had a clear idea what Fabletics was and why they needed to try the brand for themselves. This is exactly why she eschewed many of the other avenues used to market clothing in favor of this new high tech one. The plan paid off and made Fabletics the extremely popular brand we know it as today. This was certainly successful, but it was far from what she wanted to have in entirety for the brand.


Fabletics began as an online retailer but it has emerged as a brick and mortar store as well. You don’t need to look far to see their physical locations and the amazing success they have managed to garner in their own right. It’s something that you often see the opposite of. Brick and mortar stores seem to fold as online business takes over what they once had in the market. However, Fabletics has managed to survive this and continues to rise to the top as one of the most valued online brands out there.


The success of Kate Hudson is just another one in her long career. She has done other ventures just as well in the past thanks to her determination to focus on what is best for the business and standing out from the crowd. She has proven herself as competent in a variety of areas while most of the rival retailers struggled to stay afloat. That ability to survive no matter what she plans on doing is exactly why people are still talking about Fabletics in the world of athletic leisure wear.


Fabletics has harnessed the very core of what makes fashion itself and turned it into one of the most successful retail brands in years. They have already opened five locations without any problem so it doesn’t seem that there will be any problems with the others they plan to open up. Fashion gives us what is trendy and what is popular now. If you can make something popular, you have the potential to make yourself a fortune in fashion. Nobody has understood this better than Kate Hudson and we have Fabletics as an example of her genius at work before us.

With the popularization of the internet, civilization is experiencing a paradigm shift. The world has become smaller. First, the World Wide Web connected people; now it is connecting devices. The connection of devices to the internet has given birth to the internet of things (IoT). Ultimately, IoT has led to smart home technology. Thus making it possible for people to manage their homes from the comfort of their sofas or even when traveling on vacation 2,000 miles away if not further. For more details visit Ideamensch.

All that is necessary is a connection to the internet and a computer. Today you can control your abode using a PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or whatever else they think of next in the way of internet devices. We are living in exciting times. Without being present, you can :

  • open and close doors
  • control the lights
  • adjust temperatures
  • monitor security cameras

All of these things and more can be done just by opening an app on your phone. Considering that IoT is only in its infancy one can hardly imagine the wonders to come over the next few decades.

One person who seems to have no problem imagining what is coming is real estate entrepreneur Mr. Todd Lubar. Active in the real estate business in various capacities for over 20 years already, Mr. Lubar predicted that the internet would revolutionize the housing market. He saw the day coming when consumers would be able to harness the power of their computers to manage their utilities and security from their PCs. Once smartphones arrived, it became all but a certainty to Mr. Lubar, that IoT would be “the next big thing.” Check out LinkedIn to know more.

Today Todd Lubar, a graduate of Syracuse University, is well established as a real estate investor in Baltimore, Maryland. His company, TDL Global Ventures, specializes in rehabilitating older homes and installing the latest smart home advances. Then selling them generally to millennials looking to buy modern homes at affordable prices. Many of his clients purchase Mr. Lubar’s renovated homes because of the high tech upgrades, and the cost savings relative to similar properties in nearby Washington. Todd Lubar believes that eventually, over the next 30 years, all homes will be smart homes. He is confident that he and his company will play an active role in bringing this about in the “charm city.”

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Ian King worked on Wall Street for a number of years. He started out at Salomon Brothers before moving on to Peahi Capital where he traded options for over 10 years. During this time he learned quite a bit about cryptocurrencies and became an expert in them. He took this experience to Banyan Hill Publishing in 2017 who hired him to write about these such as Bitcoin, Etherium, and Litecoin plus the hundreds other that exist.

In addition to writing about cryptocurrencies for a number of the publications that Banyan Hill Publishing releases each month he is also developing a course. This course will be on the strategies that work best when trading cryptocurrencies. It will also be an investment advisory service. Ian King expects that he will be able to release this course later on in 2018. Read this article at Investopedia about Ian King

Bitcoin was talked about throughout 2017. It increased in value by up to 5000% over the course of the year. It hit its peak around Christmas at close to $20,000 a coin before dropping back. As of late January, it was trading around $11,000 a coin. Ian King says that trading this cryptocurrency hit a feverish pitch as the year wore on. Eventually one of the major places to trade Bitcoin, Coinbase, had over 250,000 new users a day he says. He said the number of customers of Coinbase even exceeded the number of people that have Charles Schwab accounts.

All these new buyers of Bitcoin dramatically helped boost its price. The total market cap of Bitcoin was $17 billion in February of 2017 and in January it was valued at $817 billion. He said that the trade of Bitcoin just became way too crowded and that’s why the value dropped back from its highs.

Ian King said that everyone was talking about Bitcoin around him. Old friends he hadn’t seen in years asked him about investing in it. He heard about it all the time on New York City subways as well as in coffee shops. Way too many people were chasing the hot new thing, he says, without even really knowing much about it or why Bitcoin existed.

Governments are starting to get serious about cryptocurrencies, Ian King says. He thinks this is a good thing in that it does need regulations to keep the scammers out. However, many large corporations are now incorporating blockchain technology (what Bitcoin is based on) into their business models so he expects their value to continue climbing in the future. Read:


Asencio, Lee Cheol-ha, Lauren Conrad, Deanne Fitzmaurice, Kara Laricks, Bilal Lashari, Heidi Montag, and Rodrigo Prieto are just some of the notable names that have emerged from the Academy of Art University. The San Francisco-based school has turned out numerous successful graduates since it first opened in 1929.

Some potentially soon to be notable names from the Academy of Art University took to New York Fashion Week to showcase their collections. It was the 21st runway showcase for the university, and it featured the work of 10 recent graduates from the university’s School of Fashion.

The designers came from diverse backgrounds, and their collections reflected that. Mainland China, Palestinian heritage, San Francisco and more came into play in the directions that the designers took with their works. The results wowed the audience, which included some rather notable names. Among these was America’s Next Top Model’s Ms. J Alexander.

It is anticipated that the students who participated will be the inspiration for the next generation of creatives. Those whose work was showcased on the runway were Hailun Zhou, Eden Slezin, Dina Marie Lam, Carlos Rodriguez, SayaShen, Joanna Jadellah, Cana Klebanoff, Ryan Yu, and Jelly Shan.

The university has adopted the motto of “Built by artists for artists.” It offers degrees in more than two dozen subjects.

While the Academy of Art University is known for its instruction of creatives, there are also other aspects of the institution as well. One of these aspects is the university’s automobile museum. It owns and operates a San Francisco-based non-profit museum that contains 200 vintage cars.

Another aspect of the university is its athletics. The university competes in nine NCAA Division II sports, and its school mascot are the Urban Knights. So, while the academy is noted for educating in art and design, there is even more to this institution.