In 2003, Ted Bauman began working with the Banyan Hill company as the editor dealing with protection of people’s wealth, risk management and migration. He resides in Atlanta with his family. Mr. Ted Bauman studied at the Cape Town University and graduated with a postgraduate degree in Economics and History. Slum Dwellers is among the organisation he founded and has helped so many people in various countries. Also, he worked researching and writing on different subjects. He also served in the Housing program in the U.S. and 2013, became a researcher and writer on a full-time basis. His visits to various countries have enabled him to learn so many things, most importantly he says that when you invest and want to keep your wealth somewhere, then do not do it on one place store in different countries. With the newsletter ‘ Bauman Letter’ he advises his subscribers. Every week he publishes on ‘Investor Daily’ newsletter and other journals.

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Recently, Ted Bauman wrote an article discussing how to protect your data from greedy online companies. He explains how his wife was asked to give her details on a particular website. Luckily, his wife did not send any details instead asked her husband. The second email was received but was scarier than the first one. The sender claimed to be the school administrator, threatened that if at all she won’t click on the link and provide the necessitated information she was bound to be suspended from school. Not only did she receive this email, but also her colleagues did. Her husband described the company demanding information as Yosemite Sam’s of the data mining. The individuals benefit from the information as they use it in different sectors.

He advised his wife not to send any information because if at all the school needed the information, they would ask her when at work. He gave the following reasons as to why the website should not be trusted: it could not explain why the information was necessary, neither did the company have a privacy policy, it did not use ‘https’, which is a trusted website. If at all it starts with ‘’HTTP://” then you have to think twice before any regrets later. Details of ‘Certification Authority’ were not available, while trusted websites have a logo of certification.

He concluded by claiming that the U.S. is no longer the country he knew. Over the past years, money was made in a trustworthy way by a provision of goods and services to the market. Lately, most businesses extract money from people in a deceitful manner.

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Peter Briger is one of the world’s most elite figures in the special asset investing realm. He started working with Fortress Capital in 2002 after giving Goldman Sachs 15 years. With Fortress Capital, he helped the real estate industry become more diversified. Briger is a Fortress principal and Co-Chairman at Fortress Capital. Briger has created wealth because of his natural talent for trade, especially when it comes to finding the gems that others have overlooked.In 1997, Briger co-founded the Goldman’s Special Situations Group, showing the world what he was capable of.

Briger and his group developed a reputation for making highly profitable trades. Briger was Goldman’s biggest revenue driver during his 15 years with the company. The group traded in car loans, mortgages, and even aircraft. They also traded in power plants occasionally. The essential strategy that the group had was to purchase assets that are troubled and are cut off from the usual sources of funding, whether because of financial, political or other reasons. They would buy them and wait until the market was better, then they would sell them for high profits.

The same old concept as usual, buy them low and sell them high. Doing this requires precise timing and an expert understanding of the markets.Leaving Goldman provided Briger the time and freedom he needed to focus on his new ventures. He raised more than $4 billion dollars for the Fortress Credit Opportunities Fund IV. That was more than 80% of the funds received.Peter Briger has proven himself to be an elite player in the trading realm and there is much that can be learned from him. He knows the markets like nobody else, and has earned his wealth with his pure talent. To Briger, the market is a knowable force, constantly changing but predictable and understandable. Peter Briger speaks the market’s language, and this shows.

Paul Mampilly isn’t a man who backs down from extensive work. Working isn’t ever something that makes this individual tremble. He’s an adept investor who comes from the United States. He’s delighted to be on the team for Banyan Hill Publishing in Delray Beach, Florida. Mampilly is the editor who oversees True Momentum, Extreme Fortunes and, finally, Profits Unlimited. The titles of these things all explain many facets of Mampilly’s knowledge. Investing is Mampilly’s primary priority right now. He was a hedge fund manager before. He’s a seasoned professional who has proficiency that can assist many others. He, because of that, has had the opportunity to show the world the inner workings of his large brain via Bloomberg TV, Fox Business News and even CNBC. He has a genuine knack for being able to provide people with stock suggestions that are of exceptional quality. Read more about Paul Mampilly at Bloomberg.

Mampilly created Profits Unlimited. It’s an Internet investment newsletter that caters to 90,000 plus subscribers. Mampilly’s writings assist people who want to learn about how he thinks. Since he used to be a key figure on Wall Street, people know that they can count on his suggestions and musings. People who are on the lookout for stocks that are set to soar regularly believe in Mampilly’s words.

This investment guru used to live in South Asia in India. The large nation was his place of birth. He relocated all the way to United States shores when he was much younger. He rapidly ascended in his new country, too. Paul Mampilly became a Wall Street talent within a relatively brief period of time. He’s been working in investment for a quarter of a century. He began working in the category in the early nineties. He was a Bankers Trust assistant portfolio manager at that time. He swiftly landed jobs that were harder to get as well. He handled enormous accounts for a financial institution that’s called Deutsche Bank. He did the exact same for ING. Mampilly even handled finances for a financial institution that came from Switzerland. He worked for both Sears and the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Paul Mampilly is keen on personal investments. His Sareptic Therapeutics investment in the spring of 2012 was a fine decision that brought on a huge gain. Paul Mampilly also made a Netflix investment at the end of 2008. This was the result of his noticing the Internet video streaming craze. See:

The Chainsmokers are a musical duo comprised of two New York DJ’s, Alex Pall and Drew Taggart. The pair have been driven into success over the last couple of years due to their outstanding lyrics, and because they keep their thumb on the demographic that comprises their following. They were recently interviewed by Interview Magazine about their single ‘Closer.’

Alex Pall opens the conversation by telling Mathias Rosenzweig of Interview Magazine how he and Drew met. Pall was with his manager in an art museum when he had a realization about his love of dance music. He wanted to pursue it hardcore, so the manager introduced he and Taggart because of this mutual love of electronic dance music. It took less than a month for Taggart to quit his job and move to New York City.

The pair also discusses the difference between being in the spotlight versus being big city DJ’s. Taggart said that it wasn’t much different and that it simply required a more open mindset about what kind of music to produce. Pall interjects and tells Rosenzweig that they work really hard to portray and authentic human experience to their fans. They write the music, or their friends write the music, but they guide it the way that they want it to go and work on it until they think it’s perfect.

This steers the conversation more specifically towards their song ‘Closer,’ and Rosenzweig asks what it was like to work with Halsey on the song. Both men say that her energy was absolutely awesome, and that she shared their lyrical passion. They all sat and tossed around experiences until they came across one good enough to pen a song about.

The interview closes with Pall sharing some information about how they track their demographic. They share about their Instagram account, and how they know that they are reaching people from six years old to forty years old. Taggart also explains that it’s different, yet not difficult, to formulate a stage show after primarily DJing. They say above all else that it’s fun and challenging to do.

Rocketship Charter Schools were founded in 2006 and their doors opened for the 2007 school year. The first location was in San Jose California but since their opening Rocketship has expanded exponentially. There are currently over a dozen Rocketship charter schools in the California bay region alone. Recently Rocketship expanded across the nation and now has charter schools in Milwaukee Wisconsin, Nashville Tennessee and Washington DC.

Rocketship was founded with the hopes of providing an alternative learning environment for children of impoverished families. These families often live in unsafe or underprivileged communities. Rocketship Education strives to create a safe and nurturing learning environment so all children have access to the ability to thrive. There are many techniques that Rocketship embraces that have proven detrimental in their expansion and success. Students are taught with personalized learning. The staff and teachers at Rocketship understand that not all students learn at the same pace. Some students may enter their curriculum knowing more or less than others. This does not change the end goal which is academic achievement. Rocketship encourages each child and tailors their learning to their special needs. In addition to this personalized educations fundamental Rocketship also embraces each individual’s talents. These talents are not limited to students. The talents of Rocketship teachers, support staff and students are all embraced and encouraged to thrive. The third fundamental pillar that Rocketship embraces is parent involvement. There is no better advocate for a child than their parent or guardian. Rocketship encourages parents to volunteer and be present. More involvement in a child’s life by their parent will help them feel secure and accomplished.

With the 2017-2018 school year coming to an end Rocketship is encouraging all students to enter the second half of the school year with the eagerness to accomplish some personal learning goals. Some students may have fallen behind due to absences and Rocketship fully embraces that and will continue to tailor their learning to help them achieve their educational goals. Bringing family, community, teachers and support staff together to help children acquire the educations they deserve is the main goal that Rocketship is achieving in all of their charter school locations.


Wilhelmina Austin is not a stranger to the people living in the United States. The institution was brought into the competitive market not long ago, and it has managed to conquer and perform so well despite the high competition. The company has been registering a lot of progress in the last year, and it has shocked the consumers by announcing that it has plans to expand and cover a bigger market in the recent future. According to the news that have been shared by the company management, Wilhelmina Austin will be purchasing a leading modelling firm called Hayman Talent South. After the deal, the company will be called The Brown Agency. Re-launching under a new name is one of the things the company has been interested in for years.


Wilhelmina Austin and the Hayman Talent South are both very popular in the American market. The institutions have been able to do well in the modelling department, and they have managed to impress consumers who need their services. The companies have also proven to the people living in the United States that they are leading in modelling. While working together, the two private companies will be very powerful, and competitors are already getting worried about the partnership. The great team will be expected to change the whole world too. The Brown Agency is expected to start its operations soon, and it will be a full services company found in Austin.


According to Market wired, after the acquisition is complete, the organization is expected to run under the management of one of the influential figures in the modelling department, Justin Brown. Justin is not a stranger to the activities that take place in leading a modelling agency. According to the news that have been shared on the company website, Justine Brown is the founder of Wilhelmina Austin, and he has been in the market since the year 2010. Under his leadership, the modelling firm is expected to perform so well because of the amount of expertise he has acquired over the years. His dedication to modelling is one of the things that drive him. Apart from being highly experienced, Brown has all the right academic qualifications.


The leader of Hayman Talent South will be expected to take part in the management and leadership of The Brown Agency. According to the news shared by Justin Brown and other professionals working in the successful company, the founder of Talent South will be serving the theatrical division of the large company. The businessman has already worked in modelling for a while, and he is one of the people who has taken the industry to greater heights.


The two leaders are urging their supporters and customers to get ready for more and better quality services. The main company offices will be in Austin, and it will also be expanding to more cities in the recent future.



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It is normal to face challenges and failures in business. What’s not normal and productive is not to be able to be resilient enough to stand up again after a fall. Fortunately, one of the few rare people who can manage to rise again after a series of challenges is José Auriemo Neto, which is the chairman and CEO of JHSF.

The Executive Profile

One of the most prominent things that people don’t seem to remember about Mr. Neto is the fact that he’s been the man behind the successful operations of JHSF. Being the CEO of the company means that he’s able to navigate all through the challenges of the activities, as well as carry the weight and burden of sustaining the company’s growth. There are now companies that have duly failed to grow because of lack of managerial skills from the executives, but with the help of people like Mr. Neto, these challenges are then duly met with solutions.

It could also be useful to say here that Mr. Neto was also the man responsible for the growth of Shopping Santa Cruz, and for making sure that managing it would be as easy as can be. It is also evident in the executive profile you can read about him that Mr. Neto is not just credentials. He’s not just reputation. He’s not just wealth. He’s all about providing jobs by risking his own money. He’s all about making sure that people can enjoy the pleasures, wealth and prosperity that the latest technology can give. If only we had more people like Mr. Neto, we could find a way to make sure that the employment projects and challenges of the modern times could get the solutions they deserve.

The Future

One of the most defining qualities of a spectacular business leader is the ability to adopt and adapt. The great thing about Mr. Neto is that he is adapting and is making himself future-proof. There are many threats to survival these days, especially for business leaders, and because he’s able to get all these ideas on how to run a business, he makes sure that these threats are uprooted immediately after they show signs of threat.

Banyan Hill Editor Ted Bauman works to provide privacy, asset protection, investment strategies, and more to those who want to protect their assets in the best, safest way possible. He has been working at Bayan Hill since 2013 and edits The Plan B Club, Alpha Stock Alert, and The Bauman Letter. He also writes for Banyan Hill’s The Sovereign Investigator Daily.

The Bauman Letter is a set of reports that outline a wide variety of ways to increase financial security and protect your assets. Recent articles include 7 Secrets to Doubling Your Gains Before You Buy a Single Stock and 7 Free Ironclad Tools for Protecting Your Money and Privacy in Today’s Digital Age. He uses these letters to provide consumers with factual, helpful ways to increase revenue and protection.

In addition to his career at Banyan Hill, Ted Bauman also writes for various other online publishers, such as and Crunchbase. On, he focuses on more ways to save money, the economy, personal finance, and other investment and money related fields. Some of his most recent articles include Act Now On Tax Reform and Save Thousands and The Incredibly Easy Way to Boost Your Gains by 1,900%.

On his Crunchbase profile, he has contributed to several articles as well on his field of expertise, including finance, bitcoin activity, and taxes. Some recent articles include Finance Expert Ted Bauman Explains 10 Lucrative Tax Tips and Ted Bauman Tells You What You Need to Know About the New Tax Plan.

Late last year, Ted Bauman sat down for an interview with Ideamensch to discuss his career and past experiences. While Ted was born in Washington D.C., he attended college in South Africa at the University of Capetown with degrees in History and Economics. Since then, Ted has worked for a wide variety of non=profits. He stated that while his focus is in economics, his true career is in writing, something that he enjoys a lot because he gets to take topics in finance and create articles that people actually want to read. In addition, he enjoys the ability to work from home and get his writing started during the morning, which he says is his most productive time of day. He discussed past failures and successes, and how they have shaped him into the person he is today. Read:


Dr. Shafik Sachedina works with Jamati Institutions. He is the head of the department and he is also a dental surgeon. Shafik was born in 1950 in Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania.

As an adult, Dr. Shafik is a very active person in organizations. He is serving in various organizations yet some in different countries. For instance, Shafik is the Secretariat Aga Khan in France. At the same time, he is the joint chairman of Sussex Healthcare in UK.

Sussex Healthcare is an organization that offers support and shelter for patients. These patients require more attention than they can get from their families at home. As a result, Sussex Healthcare offers a comfortable home, treatment and care that these patients need. Dr. Shafik is a part of this organization because it seeks to deliver quality and fulfillment to its clients. The centers believe in offering holistic healthcare. To achieve this objective, the organization has availed facilities and amenities for the patients. All homes have sufficient personnel to look after patients. The homes have specialists in different fields to help patients. Therapists, caregivers, nurses, doctors, personal trainers and even educationists are there to serve the residents. For more than twenty five years, this is what Sussex Healthcare has been doing for the community.

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Dr. Shafik is a major personality in the Ismaili Community Institutions. These institutions are located in sixteen strategic areas. His role in Aga Khan is important for the Ismaili Communities. He is the link interface between these two organizations. However, the Ismaili Communities in this case are those in Central Asia.

Dr. Shafik studied his dental surgeon degree at Guy’s Hospital and Dental School in London. After completing his education, he moved to England. Most of Dr. Shafik’s practice happened here. After practicing for many years, Shafik developed entrepreneurial spirit. He wanted to help people in other ways of business. Therefore, he invested in the health sector.

One important thing in Shafik’s life is voluntary service. For example, most of what he does for Jamati Institutions is voluntary work. He is also a member of other several organizations that he has extended his volition. Among the organization Shafik is serving are FOCUS, Ismaili Leaders International Forum, Ismaili Council and Aga Khan Development Network Committee. Dr. Shafik understands the importance of volition. He would like to encourage his successors to do the same. It is also a tradition in the Ismaili Communities to volunteer. This is an essential value for the young people in the communities.

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In response to the incoming trend of mergers and acquisitions amongst major corporations, predicted to be a major factor for stock prices by Jeff Yastine in 2018, editorial director of Banyan Hill Publishing, recommended three stocks that are primed to challenge Amazon’s retail sector. Mr. Yastine’s prediction didn’t take long to come to fruition, as the talk of a potential merger between Embraer and Boeing caused a significant rise in the stock price of the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer. By February, there were already rumors that a mutually lucrative deal had come into play, which would result in the two powerhouses of the Americas to combine their commercial manufacturing sector while keeping military contracts separate. As a result of his career as an anchor with PBS’ s Nightly Business Report, Mr. Yastine gained intimate knowledge of the inner workings of big-box stores and focused his attention on the retail market.

Mr. Yastine recently suggested that savvy investors turn their attention to the nationwide grocery chain, Kroger, which after a loss of about one-third in stock value, due to Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods, proceeded to take the rights steps to remain competitive. Whole Foods, while backed by the electronic commerce juggernaut, has suffered due to the fact that product prices have only fallen about 1.1 percent, while quality is widely viewed to have declined noticeably. Kroger currently operates close to 3,000 stores around the country, with the planned implementation of automated checkout systems, overhead costs will be cut considerably, allowing them to remain competitive with Whole Foods. Check:

Jeff Yastine also recommends that investors take a look at eBay, which has a wide variety of buyers and sellers, making it one of the most well-established auction websites in the world. eBay currently has the ammunition to compete with Amazon, but if it were to be acquired by a powerhouse, such as Google, its potential could be greatly boosted. Becoming a subsidiary of Google would greatly benefit the auction website, as they would be able to take advantage of free advertising resulting from Google search results.

W.W. Grainger rounds off the list of recommended stocks to consider, which remains a powerful contender due to its solid infrastructure, as it currently owns its own distribution and storage facilities. This would greatly increase the power of any corporation looking to compete with Amazon, while also recouping the loss in stock prices resulting from fear of its lack of ability in delivering against the economic commerce company.

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