Lime Crime Cosmetics has been on the scene for several years and has garbed much recognition thanks to its bright, fun colors. Doe Deere is the name behind the company’s success and she’s just as cool as her brand. From Russia to New York City, Doe has made a name for herself and keeps getting better.


Doe Deere made her way to New York City at the age of seventeen, completely inspired by by fashion and the beauty industry. Doe was born and raised in a small town in Russia and he always adored colors. As a child, Doe would play dress up with friends during their fashionable slumber parties. Doe would always apply their makeup in cool ways and they would pretend to be witches. It is no surprise that she would grow up so be in charge of her own beauty brand. She also had the time of her life in New York creating her band and falling in love with her now husband. Things would ultimately get even better for the charismatic entrepreneur.


Doe Deere had her publicized start in fashion with the popular website, eBay. She was able to display the fashions that she created herself and soon would inspire many fans with her amazing sense of style. Doe had big dreams to take her small business to the next level and brainstormed on a way she could do just that. She noticed that color and the wow factor she was looking for in regards to makeup was missing. She was determined to bring the beauty world what it had been missing. Learn more:


Lime Crime Cosmetics by Doe Deere was officially launched in 2008 and quickly gained a following. Lime is Doe’s favorite color and the brand’s name is unusual enough to be highly searchable online. Her line initially churned out lipsticks, eyeshadows and nail polishes in fun and flirty colors. In addition to the colors, Doe’s cosmetics line is completely cruelty free and vegan.


Doe Deere is extremely business savvy and truly cares about Lime Crime’s fan base. She launches contests for her fans to participate in and has giveaways to keep them coming back for more. “Must-Be-Pink!” is the cool name of her contest and it has certainly helped bring in her 3 million fans on Instagram. Fans can also check out her flair for makeup on other social media platforms such as Twitter.


Doe rises at 8:30 sharp every morning, and does some mandatory stretching. She enjoys working from her and never skips her makeup and hair routine. She always has either pink, or purple hair and usually jams to the Beatles during her favorite routine. Doe Deere’s story is truly inspiring to all those looking to make a career for themselves. Doe advises to take criticism seriously and use it as a way to better your business. Be sure to follow Lime Crime Cosmetics on Instagram for more information on a chance to enter upcoming giveaways.

It takes exceptional talent to realize what can be done in the world of fashion and it takes drive to make dreams come true. That’s why someone like Kate Hudson is already amazing simply for managing to get into the world of online retail and fashion. That she was able to go so far that she managed to make a company with millions in sales and plenty of people satisfied is more impressive. Something very impressive has happened here and the story is only being told now. Fabletics is an example of how a company takes on giants and makes it self into something more tangible.


The power of the crowd is everything in fashion and no retailer can escape its importance. For Hudson that meant she needed to find a way to use social media to make sure people had a clear idea what Fabletics was and why they needed to try the brand for themselves. This is exactly why she eschewed many of the other avenues used to market clothing in favor of this new high tech one. The plan paid off and made Fabletics the extremely popular brand we know it as today. This was certainly successful, but it was far from what she wanted to have in entirety for the brand.


Fabletics began as an online retailer but it has emerged as a brick and mortar store as well. You don’t need to look far to see their physical locations and the amazing success they have managed to garner in their own right. It’s something that you often see the opposite of. Brick and mortar stores seem to fold as online business takes over what they once had in the market. However, Fabletics has managed to survive this and continues to rise to the top as one of the most valued online brands out there.


The success of Kate Hudson is just another one in her long career. She has done other ventures just as well in the past thanks to her determination to focus on what is best for the business and standing out from the crowd. She has proven herself as competent in a variety of areas while most of the rival retailers struggled to stay afloat. That ability to survive no matter what she plans on doing is exactly why people are still talking about Fabletics in the world of athletic leisure wear.


Fabletics has harnessed the very core of what makes fashion itself and turned it into one of the most successful retail brands in years. They have already opened five locations without any problem so it doesn’t seem that there will be any problems with the others they plan to open up. Fashion gives us what is trendy and what is popular now. If you can make something popular, you have the potential to make yourself a fortune in fashion. Nobody has understood this better than Kate Hudson and we have Fabletics as an example of her genius at work before us.

Ian King worked on Wall Street for a number of years. He started out at Salomon Brothers before moving on to Peahi Capital where he traded options for over 10 years. During this time he learned quite a bit about cryptocurrencies and became an expert in them. He took this experience to Banyan Hill Publishing in 2017 who hired him to write about these such as Bitcoin, Etherium, and Litecoin plus the hundreds other that exist.

In addition to writing about cryptocurrencies for a number of the publications that Banyan Hill Publishing releases each month he is also developing a course. This course will be on the strategies that work best when trading cryptocurrencies. It will also be an investment advisory service. Ian King expects that he will be able to release this course later on in 2018. Read this article at Investopedia about Ian King

Bitcoin was talked about throughout 2017. It increased in value by up to 5000% over the course of the year. It hit its peak around Christmas at close to $20,000 a coin before dropping back. As of late January, it was trading around $11,000 a coin. Ian King says that trading this cryptocurrency hit a feverish pitch as the year wore on. Eventually one of the major places to trade Bitcoin, Coinbase, had over 250,000 new users a day he says. He said the number of customers of Coinbase even exceeded the number of people that have Charles Schwab accounts.

All these new buyers of Bitcoin dramatically helped boost its price. The total market cap of Bitcoin was $17 billion in February of 2017 and in January it was valued at $817 billion. He said that the trade of Bitcoin just became way too crowded and that’s why the value dropped back from its highs.

Ian King said that everyone was talking about Bitcoin around him. Old friends he hadn’t seen in years asked him about investing in it. He heard about it all the time on New York City subways as well as in coffee shops. Way too many people were chasing the hot new thing, he says, without even really knowing much about it or why Bitcoin existed.

Governments are starting to get serious about cryptocurrencies, Ian King says. He thinks this is a good thing in that it does need regulations to keep the scammers out. However, many large corporations are now incorporating blockchain technology (what Bitcoin is based on) into their business models so he expects their value to continue climbing in the future. Read:


Asencio, Lee Cheol-ha, Lauren Conrad, Deanne Fitzmaurice, Kara Laricks, Bilal Lashari, Heidi Montag, and Rodrigo Prieto are just some of the notable names that have emerged from the Academy of Art University. The San Francisco-based school has turned out numerous successful graduates since it first opened in 1929.

Some potentially soon to be notable names from the Academy of Art University took to New York Fashion Week to showcase their collections. It was the 21st runway showcase for the university, and it featured the work of 10 recent graduates from the university’s School of Fashion.

The designers came from diverse backgrounds, and their collections reflected that. Mainland China, Palestinian heritage, San Francisco and more came into play in the directions that the designers took with their works. The results wowed the audience, which included some rather notable names. Among these was America’s Next Top Model’s Ms. J Alexander.

It is anticipated that the students who participated will be the inspiration for the next generation of creatives. Those whose work was showcased on the runway were Hailun Zhou, Eden Slezin, Dina Marie Lam, Carlos Rodriguez, SayaShen, Joanna Jadellah, Cana Klebanoff, Ryan Yu, and Jelly Shan.

The university has adopted the motto of “Built by artists for artists.” It offers degrees in more than two dozen subjects.

While the Academy of Art University is known for its instruction of creatives, there are also other aspects of the institution as well. One of these aspects is the university’s automobile museum. It owns and operates a San Francisco-based non-profit museum that contains 200 vintage cars.

Another aspect of the university is its athletics. The university competes in nine NCAA Division II sports, and its school mascot are the Urban Knights. So, while the academy is noted for educating in art and design, there is even more to this institution.


Logan Stout is a famous business person, a philanthropist, and lover of baseball. He is the founder and CEO of IDLife. He has also developed a baseball organization known as the Dallas Patriots. The group aims at inspiring the youth and developing their baseball skills as well as encouraging them.

Logan being success minded, he became a professional athlete in baseball. He participated in 17 World Series events as both a coach and player. Logan went to Panola and acquired a degree in business and also acquired a degree in psychology from the University of Dallas. He received many baseball awards while in college. He also served as a youth minister and coach at Dallas Baptist University. After university, Logan played baseball with Fort Worth Cats.

The goal of Logan Stout was to help people attain their best by living healthy lives. He concentrates on body, mind and soul connection. He established healthcare known as IDLife supplying energy supplements, sleep aids as well as weight management items. The consumers get assessed before consuming the ideal products hence benefitting the organization. Stout is also a motivational speaker. He has written a book called “Stout Advice” concerning the Secrets to Building oneself, the team and others. It enlists the strategies towards his success.

Logan’s success in business was due to his passion for motivating others hence he quickly became a minister and a coach. Knowing the connection between the mind, body, and soul prompted him more to desire in increasing people’s health. He founded IDLife after being taught about a vitamin program and concerning nutrition hence he developed the ID Nutrition.

He makes money through his motivational books, speeches countrywide and his IDLife project. To become profitable, Logan strives to make a change in people’s lives. He believes in doing what you love rather than working just for money. According to Stout Logan, it is advisable to speak positively concerning your product and services to attract more customers.

New businesses can be generated well through referrals and customer assessments to fulfill their needs. Logan is a dedicated family man. According to him, his family is his top priority since it is his most significant motivation in life.

A mind full of knowledge impacts positively on the community. Logan’s success is due to his positivity. His satisfying business moments are when he inspires people through his words. Logan’s biggest inspiration comes from the bible on Jesus’ leadership traits. John C. Maxwell’s entrepreneurial skills motivate the way he conducts himself in the corporate world.



Equities First UK believes in every investor. It’s a security company that’s a leader in stock-based loans and securities. Founded in 2002, the company has closed more than seven hundred loan transaction. Borrowers can still retain their market shares, as they pay off their loan. The most popular loan is the stock-based loans, where you can get money fast.

Equities First UK is a global force, who care about every investor or business goals. The are a company that continue to break records, and help investor grown. It’s a trusted company that also help investors consolidate or expand their shares. Making the first step in applying for a stock-based loan.

Tony Petrello and his wife Cynthia are known philanthropists. This became even more evident after the recent hurricane disasters. Hurricane Harvey hit Texas really bad. Tony Petrello lives in Texas. Around ten percent of his own employees were hurt by the hurricane. Tony Petrello told his workers to stop working at his company for a while and to take off time to help out the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Through this gesture, he made it obvious that he values the community and other people more than he values the profits of his own company. Tony Petrello has always been known as a man who cares for others above himself.

Tony Petrello and his wife donate to other causes as well. One thing that they like supporting is education. Tony is a well educated person himself. He studied at Yale University, where he got his mathematics degrees. He studied under the famous mathematician and math professor Serge Lang. Unfortunately, Serge Lang passed away not long ago. Tony made sure to attend his memorial. Tony loved his teacher, and he wanted to do something in his name. He decided to donate one hundred and fifty thousand dollars in his memory towards education. Not only that, but he said that if anyone donated their own money as well, he will match their donations up to the sum of one hundred and fifty thousand dollars according to Altogether, that would make a donation of four hundred and fifty thousand dollars. It is also expected that his generous donation will have a domino effect, and that other former students and people who like supporting education will make additional donations of their own.

Read more: Tony Petrello: One of the Highest Paid CEO in the Nation

Tony Petrello and his wife are invested in other forms of philanthropy as well. They take a special interest in supporting local charities. They also support charities and organizations that help out children who suffer from neurological disorders. Tony’s own daughter suffers from cerebral palsy, so he knows what it is like to live with it.

Tony Petrello will surely have a great future ahead as the CEO of Nabors Industries. The economy is only expected to grow, and Nabors Industries is growing every day as well. However, Tony has made it abundantly clear that even as he becomes more successful, he will continue to make social responsibilities his number one priority, over his own profits and wealth.


When it comes to connecting the things that matter and keeping those things safe, the company people turn to is Securus Technologies. They are the number one provider for the communication solution within the correctional industry.


Securus works to install and manage the call center for prisons and they offer services to the inmates through phone services for inmates. The facilities that house the inmates are better for everyone with Securus Technologies being involved. Through the use of secure call platforms, they host a call management system that provides the personnel with much needed services ranging from offering services to the employees, training for situations and learning about products that can help inside of the prison walls.


The Securus Technologies call management services will allow for the communication technology to keep track of all calls placed within the inmate population. Any call that is placed by the prison of an inmate will be recorded and stored for later use if they need it. The calls can help prevent any further criminal activity from within the prison as well as creating a much less expense to the families and inmates which allows for them to make more calls to family and friends.


The payment methods for Securus Technologies is allowing for families and inmates to have an easier way to keep track of phone calls and by making it easier for families to make the payments. The use of convenient methods for paying for calls include using a kiosk to make payments, the internet, customer care call centers who process the payments made by credit card, an automated phone call system and more.


They also offer prepaid calling cards to inmates family, secure instant mail, a voicemail system as well as an automated information service. All of this can be included in the services that Securus Technologies offers its clients.


When it comes to gifts, everyone likes to receive them and everyone likes to get them. However, it is even better when someone gives a gift. It shows they are unselfish, kind, and they are thoughtful. That is exactly what is happening with Bob Reina over at Talk Fusion with his one million dollar donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. Bob Reina is not the kind of person that does things to get attention or to get people to notice him. That is not his style. He does things because he believes, as he has said, that with great power comes great responsibility.


However, it is good responsibility at the end of the day. He wants people to know that if they work hard, do the right thing, and are a good person, they can have nice things happen for them. When they have those nice things, they should not keep them all to themselves. That would be a true shame. Instead, they should give back and help out others in need. Many shelters and societies are overcrowded and there are too many animals. This breaks my heart, and I imagine it breaks Bob Reina’s heart.


It is why his house is filled with so many animals. If he could take in all of the animals, I’m sure he would do just do that. That is the kind of person he is, as he wants to help out everyone and anyone, humans included. It is the reason Talk Fusion is around and it is the reason why the company has had the success it has had over the past decade. The company was built and created by Bob Reina for the right reasons. He wanted people to know they have an outlet for their creativity, their passion, and their love. They need to let the world see it because the world is more than ready for it. They want it and they need it.


More importantly, the person that is showing off their gift, they need to feel alive and like they are being the best version of themselves. Bob Reina really is a gift. Learn more:

Proper housing is a right to every human. However, the term proper may get a different description depending on those who talk to all over. However, the Boraie Development LCC is a real estate developer and offers services such as construction, property management and also sales and marketing. The company’s patriarch and the current president Omar Boraie had vision decades ago and believed that it was possible to change a whole town, New Brunswick. At 73 years, he’s still realizing his future of better housing and improving lives across the entire region.

According to, in New Jersey, there has been a poorly performing real estate and experts predict the future could be worse. The imbalance has had a ripple effect on the real estate owners wanting to cash in more by holding a little longer for their properties to appreciate before selling. It Has been born out of the demand-supply imbalance where the demand is already higher than the supply. Despite the bad times, NJ has had some of the best inventories in real estate with towns around having excellent access to the to the transit station. Therefore, the tow still has the capabilities to pull a good investment.

The Boraie Development has been in the business to develop the state of the art real estate to their clients and a reasonable price. It Is made possible through their working with strong financial institutions, which make the whole development be done at least time and cost. It ensures that the units upon completion are available to the customers at an affordable price.

The company has also engaged the well-abled professions in the architectural and construction sectors that are well experienced and take the deadlines and expectations of the company seriously. In a report by Yahoo, these individuals and organization do all the planning for approval and using the latest technology and equipment tackle the job in the shortest time possible. Timely availability ensures that clients promise on when to get their units ready for use is observed. In economics, this creates convenience and saves money.

With the current emergency of the widening gap between the housing supply in the real-estate and demand, many people could be bound to stay homeless. Therefore, there is a need to come up with quality and affordable houses in a short time to meet up the demand. The company has its future committed to ensuring that there are enough units and space for everyone to lead a quality life.