Jim Hunt’s Trading Exercise Of Making His Mother A Millionaire Using Ten Steps

Prominent trader Jim Hunt recently announced a public challenge of making his mum a millionaire. Anyone can easily follow it on YouTube. Jim was just named a Whistleblower that assists the small guy defeat the big banks by one magazine. His challenge is an ambitious one that aims to show how easy his stock trading […]

Sam Tabar New Role in Environmental Management

Recently, Sam Tabar was named the Chief Executive Officer for FullCycle Energy Fund and will be responsible for the company’s fund management strategy. As reported in an article in PR Newswire, Sam Tabar plans on partnering with the senior leadership team in the company to deliver on the company’s mission of introducing lower cost and […]

Real-Life Wall Street Guru Speaks Truth to the ‘Money Monster’

The debilitating effects of Wall Street on Main Street are put on stark display in the 2016 film ‘Money Monster’. When failed investor Kyle Budwell confronts television personality Lee Gates, a fictitious Wall Street guru in the film, he does so live on the anchors own show, taking both him and his casting team hostage. […]