The debilitating effects of Wall Street on Main Street are put on stark display in the 2016 film ‘Money Monster’. When failed investor Kyle Budwell confronts television personality Lee Gates, a fictitious Wall Street guru in the film, he does so live on the anchors own show, taking both him and his casting team hostage. Distraught over losing everything on one of Gates disastrous tips, Kyle demands the financial wizard reveal the truth behind Wall Streets hidden practices.

Once a prominent high-income trader himself Reifler, spent a lifetime enriching the pockets of wealthy investors until he’d finally had enough and decided to devote his time to making sure the 99% had access to the same financial information as the 1% when it came to investing.

Currently the CEO of Forefront Capital Management, Reifler experienced a startling revelation when his father-in-law turned 80 and he was shocked to learn that most of the investing strategies he had spent a lifetime mastering were cut-off from his family member.

With most American’s having only a fraction of the $1M plus in savings (after excluding their principal residence) required to become what’s known in the industry as an ‘accredited investor’, Reifler became convinced the average American needed access to the same level of knowledge that his former clients had received.

By doing so, Reifler hopes to give back some of the success that Wall Street was able to afford him, even if it goes against the images most American’s, and even Hollywood, has of a retired Wall Street guru.  Read more on Brad’s official website.

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  1. For Reifler and his team, the goal of Forefront Capital is to expand the expertise of investor class knowledge to the general public. This House of Cards is a fact of life that CEO Brad Reifler, former founding partner, chairman and CEO of Pali Capital, a global financial services firm knows all too well. It is well articulated from the fact that the essay service has gone up wide at the moment and the reality has been setting in all at once.

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