Malini Saba is a world-renowned investment professional that is also well known for being a significant philanthropist. She is currently employed as the Chairman and CEO of Saban, which is a company that has investment interests in a wide range of industries including oil, technology, gas, and real estate. Her investment interests will vary all over the world, but will focus in the United States and emerging markets such as China, India, and South America.

While she has dedicated her professional career to the investment and venture capital industry, her most impressive achievements seem to be everything that she has given back to the world. As an impassioned philanthropist, she is always looking for ways that she can contribute more to the world’s best causes and has been awarded in various publications several times for her strong philanthropy.

Saba’s philanthropic career started in 2001 when she started an organization called Stree. Stree is a local US based organization that is dedicated to helping woman across the world grow. While they focus on providing the capital and resources necessary to help people develop, the primary goal of the organization is to change the culture of women in low-income and at-risk communities in an effort to change their perspective.

While it started as a domestic program, the organization has grown rapidly over time. There are now similar organizations to Stree in countries across the globe including those in Africa, Central America, and Eastern Europe. While it started as a hope to improve the professional opportunities for women, Stree has evolved and has its footprint in a number of significant causes including providing healthcare, legal means, and overall empowerment to women.

Beyond her efforts with Stree, Saba has been involved in a number of other causes. She donated over $1 million to the Heart Research Center in Mountain View, CA in 2005, which was used to develop a new program. In 2004 she was heavily involved in the relief efforts associated with the Tsunami recovery in India and Sri Lanka.

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