Prominent trader Jim Hunt recently announced a public challenge of making his mum a millionaire. Anyone can easily follow it on YouTube. Jim was just named a Whistleblower that assists the small guy defeat the big banks by one magazine. His challenge is an ambitious one that aims to show how easy his stock trading system is. He will use ten steps in an attempt to make his mum a tax-free millionaire. Additionally, he will post the proof on You Tube as the challenge progresses. The first step can be seen on It was finished a few days after Jim made the announcement.

According to Jim’s Tweets, The challenge is not too ambitious as people may think. It starts with a thousand dollars. Many can begin trading because it is an amount that they can afford.

His system encompasses utilizing proprietary methods. That is for identifying the stocks that The Establishment is acquiring quietly and riding on them as they increase in value. According to Jim, the secret lies in finding the stocks that are pushing higher. Throughout the challenge, Jim will cherry-pick the top ones in order to make his mother a millionaire as definitely as possible. With the exercise, certainty is important more than speed.

Jim notes that a lot of people perceive trading to be intricate, which is not true. He points out that people whine a lot online. That is the reason he wants to show people that trading can be accomplished using his methods. He will use unequivocal evidence on You Tube. The new challenge was preceded by his earlier success with Wealth Wave.

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  1. If the double it ten times and the profits add up, the amount it eventually accumulates to a million pounds. Jim calls that the power of compounding. This is definitely what has seen and made necessary for all and sundry.

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