Doe Deere

We are all born to stand out. We are born to express our own versions of beauty, and makeup is an incredible outlet to express how beautiful we are feeling each day. This is an era of being bold, a generation of colorful, and Doe Deere recognizes that. Doe Deere has revolutionized the cosmetic world while given people permission to show who they really are, colorful, brave, outspoken. Her makeup asks the question, what does your makeup say about you, then answers it by shouting, whatever you feel like saying today!

Doe Deere waits for inspiration, then allows her inspiration to guide her. With her unharnessed creativity, she leads us all to be better, more beautiful versions of ourselves. She gives us a stage, not to whisper, but to shout who we are for all to see. This entrepreneur believes in running her company how she runs her life, being dedicated, hard-working and treating others with love and respect.

Through her hard work, she has built a successful company and has very simple business strategies, such as being optimistic. She believes in positive reinforcement, which helps us embrace how it looks to really earn respect rather than demanding it.

Even as a young girl in Russia, Doe Deere tapped into her entrepreneurial skills and her love for standing out by modelling and selling temporary tattoos to her classmates. It’s inspirational how she can show us how being creative, ambitious and an all around “go-getter” can bring our own dreams to life.

Beginning her true formative years as a musician in New York, she learned the ways of business and marketing, and the huge necessity of selling yourself and your brand. But it hasn’t always been easy. Her company, her employees and herself have suffered hardships, but they have overcome the struggles to be stronger and better as a company and as a business family. This is a testament of how never quitting, never giving up even when times are hard, will get your to your dreams successfully.

Doe Deere has filled a gap in the cosmetic world by introducing us to bold, bright colors. We live in a colorful world, so why shouldn’t our makeup reflect that? We all have colorful personalities, and now our style and makeup can show the world how colorful we really are. So, take a note from Doe Deere’s life: be bright, be colorful, be bold, be you.

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