When you are in one of the largest cities in the world, you have all services at your desire. This can prove to be both a blessing and a curse when looking in New York City. With so many offerings it can be hard to decide which company is the best to meet your needs. This can be true for an event planner. For those looking for event planners in NYC, Twenty Three Layers is the best of the best.

Jessica Boskoff is the founder and CEO of Twenty Three Layers. She has been at the helm of the company for ten years. Her experience has led her and her team to plan impeccable events that are like no other events out there. She has led her companies to be one of the best event planning companies in NY.

With so many options for event planners, it can be hard to decide on which one is right.  Ask them about both positive and negative experiences. The internet is also a good resource for finding out more information about prospective event planners.

After doing some research, set up face to face interviews with a few companies. Tell the planner about your ideas, your budget, and what you would like your overall event to be like. Listen to what the event planner says and get a good idea for what they would like to do. The one that has the best vision for your event will likely be the best one for you.

When planning an event, bringing on an event planner can help to make the process easier. Twenty Three Layers is a company that has been standing out amongst the competition.

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