Smearing someone’s credibility is nothing new for cable news networks, especially Fox News. It seems as if Roger Ailes and Fox News actually promote this kind of news coverage, as was the case in Glenn Beck’s coverage of financier George Soros. Beck painted a vicious picture of Soros as an anti-semite who was involved in over-throwing governments and was complicit in the Holocaust. As many viewers came to find though, this information was mere fabrication on the part of Beck and Fox News.

Soros, who was born in Budapest in 1930 rode out his boyhood hiding from the Nazi’s in plain sight. (His father was able to forge documents and fake identities to keep his family safe.) After the fall of the third-Reich Soros witnessed the rise of Communist dictatorships throughout Eastern Europe. It was around this time he immigrated to England and began studying in the London School of Economics. Having made his money in the amoral world of finance speculation on Politico, he decided to use his money to promote foreign welfare and well-being.

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Beck accused Soros of using his money to manipulate the Democratic party, the media, and even President Obama in order to destroy the United States.  First and fore-most he provided support for civil-society movements throughout the U.S.S.R. George Soros also financed pro-democracy initiatives throughout the world. In addition he provides funding for advocacy groups and liberal policy institutes. In fact, according to the New Yorker he has probably “done more than any other private citizen in the West” to end communism and move Eastern Europe towards democracy.

How then did Glenn Beck and Fox News manage to paint a picture of Soros as an anti-semite and enemy of Israel? By manipulating the facts to fit his own needs, that is how. Beck declared Soros a self-hating Jew on who sent his fellow Jews off to death camps during the Holocaust. While the quotes did come from an article titled “The World According to Soros” the way in which Beck and Fox News manipulated the information made most of Beck’s program on Soros unreliable at best and outright slander at worst.

George Soros is not the anti-semitic enemy of the Jews that Beck made him out to be. In fact Soros has likely done more to end government oppression around the world then any other single human being. Funding anti-totalitarian efforts in the former Soviet Bloc, supporting pro-democracy initiatives, and funding Democratic presidential candidates shows that Soros is not the orchestra-tor of evil that Beck made him out to be.

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  1. His adroit in fund soon drove him to Wall Street where he would make millions, in the long run achieving 35 on Forbes wealthiest individuals in world rundown. This couldn’t have been more distant from reality. It may be true that the essay writer has been able to understand the full point behind all of this and it’s pathetic too.

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