However, I was recently reading an interview with Betsy DeVos published by Philanthropy Roundtable that revealed how the couple who once headed the AmWay Group have been working for more than three decades to bring education reform to families across the U.S. and looked to cross political lines in a bid to make sure school vouchers and choice programs make their way to as many people as possible in the future. The need to bring reform to the way the children of the U.S. are educated has been something that now impresses me about both Dick and Betsy DeVos as they have put to one side their own political allegiances in a bid to make sure each and every child in the U.S. has the best possible start in life no matter what the economic situation of their family may be.


A brief glance at the Wikipedia page of Dick DeVos shows just how far Dick is willing to go to give others a chance to follow in his footsteps and make their way through the public school system of any state and get the best start in life they possible can. I already understood Dick DeVos was providing a large amount of support to a number of education reform programs, but I was pleased to see he has also been willing to support individual students with a number of scholarships helping graduate students to the DeVos backed Thunderbird School of Global Management and students attending Dick’s Alma mater of Northwood University.


One thought on “Political Divisions Do Not Limit Dick DeVos

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