Igor Cornelsen has always looked to live life in his own way, as he shows on Facebook, which includes a prolonged period of time spent guiding the Brazilian investment markets throughout his career in banking in the South American country. Cornelsen has now retired from the Brazilian financial markets, but has not decided the time has come to completely remove himself from the investment industry he loves; instead he has taken up a consultancy role with Bainbridge Investments that allows him to take a more global approach to investing that he hopes will continue long into the future.


One of the major aspects of global investing that each and every individual must respect is remaining within the rules and regulations of the country they intend to invest in. Cornelsen believes a major problem faced by the majority of investors is the issue of investment specialists not knowing the rules and regulations of the countries they are guiding their clients towards; Igor Cornelsen takes a more long term and pre-planned approach to investing that allows both himself and his clients to take a positive and respectful approach to the countries they are looking to invest in.


The majority of investment experts in the 21st century are guided by a short term approach to making a profit as quickly as possible before selling up and moving on to the next investment opportunity. Igor Cornelsen believes there should be a greater level of respect for individual investors that allows them to learn as much as possible about where their funds are being invested. Cornelsen guides his clients, and blog readers, through the maze of investment opportunities in Brazil and around the world with an eye on making a number of diverse trades that will protect against the problem of future financial losses. The long history of success Igor has developed through his work with Brazilian bankers has given him a large amount of knowledge and success he hopes to continue to have on behalf of his clients with Bainbridge Investments.