Assets within the secondary real estate market are having a difficult time being transacted. The major cause? Title defects. Not only do they make the transactions stagnate, but also bring about unfair foreclosures. Nationwide Title Clearing (NTC), a leading service provider in the real estate business in the country, has found ways to reduce title defects, hence curbing is effects.

According to NTC agents, having well-processed property records with minimal errors, reduce the possibility of title defects greatly. Some of the documents that real estate heads can now access on the company’s website are:

– Tax Status Report

– Tax Status (Plus) Report

– Assignment Verification Report Services

– Current Owner Report

The above documents are crucial whenever any asset transaction is being carried out. The following details are checked for in the documents;

– Whether all signatures necessary for the transaction have been appended to them.

– Whether all errors that had been previously reported to be in the document have been removed.

– Whether the wordings in the documents conquer with the area requirements and standards.

– If the procedures used to fill the records were legal and followed to the latter.

NTC, therefore, gives an opportunity for real estate managers to correct any anomaly in the documents, prior to the commencement of any transaction.

About Nationwide Title Clearing

The private firm is a major player in the real estate industry in the country. Currently, over 80% of the top residential mortgage companies are under NTC. The company seems to have earned the confidence of real estate agents. The company’s agents attribute its success to the accuracy with which it does its research.

The company just announced that it would be opening a new office in Dallas, Texas, as another way of trying to improve its service delivery. The facility is set to have a data center, which will act as a disaster recovery facility for all of the company’s data. The facility is to be headed by Scotty Mcentire, the company’s Chief Information Security Officer. Apart from this, John Hillman, the CEO of NTC, states that the new facility will help to offload too much work that is overflowing in the main offices in Florida.

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  1. By updating their website, and making some crucial documents available online, NTC hopes that necessary corrections would be made on them. The reforms being made are intended to improve the firm’s services. There are so many things that has been able to accomplish even without the NTC noticing it.

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