Everybody remembers awkward moments in high school when the teacher forced students to present their projects to the class. Sometimes the students might have wondered why the teacher was making them do that. But the truth is that by developing their ability to present material, the teacher was preparing them for the real world by honing an important skill.

Developing that skill is what will create the Marc Sparks of the world. Marc Sparks is a venture capitalist and an eminent entrepreneur. It is because of his ability to effectively present material to others that he has been so successful. In this article, he shared a bit of his wisdom about creating effective presentations.

Remaining Focused

Life can have a lot of distractions. For the entrepreneur, sometimes those 18 hour days can seem pointless and all of these business ventures feel hopeless. Even people like Marc Sparks have been in that situation.

He advices those who are struggling to remain focused on the task at hand. If she goes into a presentation feeling hopeless, everybody is going to see that she is not motivated or excited about the product. It will compromise her ability to effectively persuade the audience. That is why Sparks said that she cannot allow the stress of daily life to derail her.

Prepare For Questions

An essential element of an effective presentation will be the ability to think on one’s feet, especially if there is a question and answer period. A few difficult questions could uproot all of the progress that was made in a presentation.

A member of the audience might be willing to invest in a company if only a few concerns were alleviated. The presenter needs to be prepared to answer these concerns. She should look at her presentation and put herself in the audience. What questions would she have?

Leave Some Details Out

The reason that she will not implement all of the answers to every possible question into her presentation is that it will become overcomplicated. She will be too caught up in prestigious jargon and realize that nobody is interested in what she has to say.

The goal of a presentation is not to show others that the presenter has a lot of knowledge about the topic. They already know that she does. The goal is to present a basic, simple overview that they can digest.

The advice that Sparks gave in his article is not some abstract idea that he had. It is tried and tested. He knows that it works because of the expansion of his companies and the sales report of his book They Can’t Eat You. Practicing his advice will set up the conditions for prosperity.