George Soros has funded democrats in the past. His close ties with Clinton was expected to lure him into the campaign and it did. The 85 year old American with Hungarian roots was generous in his contribution.

Soros-Clinton Friendship and Support

Even while the campaign was going on, the absence of George Soros was not worrisome to pundits who believed it was just a question of when and not if Soros would stand to be counted in the effort to guarantee another democratic presidency on The ties between Soros, Hillary and her family would surely amount to support of her presidency, the political analysts believed. When Clinton clinched the party’s endorsement on Forbes, Soros failure to show at the democratic convention did not worry the pundits.

It was later learnt that Soros was busy in Europe when the convention had taken place. When Clinton won her party’s nomination, George Soros was among the first to pump more money towards the democrats and in particular the Clinton campaign. She got $ 8 million, part of the $ 25 million George Soros contributed to the democratic campaign in other areas apart from the presidency.


Soros, who has in the past supported the democrats was particularly interested in a victory this time. George Soros felt there was a threat to the achievements and strides made by Obama, and that these would be eroded by a republican takeover. Areas such as criminal justice had, in Soros opinion, improved. He also feels that immigration and religious tolerance was doing well under a democratic president.

Other Contributions

When Soros made his contribution, others in the billionaire club were not left behind either. Tom Steyer made a contribution of $ 31 million to the democratic campaign. Others with a similar giving spirit were Haim Saban who gave $ 11.1 million and Fred Eychaner who made an equal contribution of $11.1 million. Don Sussman was not left out. He gave $ 13.2 million to the democratic brigade on

Trump Wins

When it was announced that trump had trumped his competitors in the elections, there was a somber mood in the democratic circles. Now with this shocking news, the democrats and some of their big supporters are meeting to plan how to deal with this reality. Nancy Pelosi, the democratic leader in the house, congress chairperson Keith Ellison, Elizabeth Warren and the democratic donor personalities including Soros are among those meeting.

This meeting has brought together like-minded individuals who are of the view that a republican presidency would threaten all the strides that have been made over the last eight years by Obama and his team. Thwarting Trump’s 100 day plan is one of the strategies that will be used to ensure that all the gains made in the years of Obama’s presidency are not rolled back.

The Liberals, equally shocked by the victory, are reexamining their influence and approach to American politics. The Democratic Alliance is being examined afresh to determine where mistakes were made in the run up to the elections.