Sam Boraie forms vanguard of Newark revitalization

Sam Boraie, a principal with Boraie Development, has been spearheading a daring project in the heart of Newark, New Jersey. According to PR News, the embattled city hasn’t seen a single new high-rise development since 1962. Boraie, who has led similar projects in downtown New Brunswick, New Jersey, has made a career out of bucking […]

Securus Technologies Moves in on Inside Crime

Securus Technologies is a communications company which provides services to correctional institutions, law enforcement agencies, and safety organizations all over the North American continent. The primary objective is to provide phone and email services between inmates and their families on a broad basis so they can stay in touch.   While this is an excellent […]

The Pulmonary Trap

The ability to use stem cells in healing is a tremendous leap for medical science, and we’re learning more about their potential every day. One of the early discoveries was that stem cells can recreate any type of cell in the body, no matter how specialized. The Lung Institute is taking advantage of another, more […]

Expert Solutions For Solving Austin’s Traffic Problem With Technology And Better Roads

Most discussions about the challenges facing Austin’s transit system center only around the city. However, the 19thedition of the Williamson County Growth Summit, held in latter part of 2016, expanded this focus to the region’s surrounding suburbs. The recent round of discussions concentrated on how transportation in the region is being transformed by the increased […]

Doe Deere Creates Buzz Through Social Media

Young Millennials are learning about Doe Deere because she has plastered herself all over the internet. There may be many older women that buy cosmetics that have no idea who she is. The young crowd, however, it’s going to be aware of they are seeing when they take a look at Doe Deere. She has […]