Young Millennials are learning about Doe Deere because she has plastered herself all over the internet. There may be many older women that buy cosmetics that have no idea who she is. The young crowd, however, it’s going to be aware of they are seeing when they take a look at Doe Deere. She has been able to grab the millennials by connecting to them through Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. She has built a cosmetic brand that has gained a lot of customer loyalty through her actions online. Doe Deere takes a lot of time to show her customers about applying makeups. She has all kind of tips on YouTube that allow people to see how the Lime Crime makeup will look with certain types of clothes. This type of tutorial is something that is intriguing to the young generation.


She is someone that has managed to stay abreast of all the trends that are happening in the cosmetics industry, but she has never followed what everyone else was doing. To the contrary, Doe Deere has become something of a innovator that has managed to get a great word-of-mouth type of buzz.


Her company has been able to lead the way when it comes to the sale of lipstick for young millennials that want zany colors that are not offered anywhere else. The shades that are offered by Doe Deere present a whole new world of lipstick products that are unique and colorful. She has made her way into an industry where the barriers to entry are extremely difficult. She has been able to do this because she has never conformed to what the industry standards were for cosmetics. She always felt the need to rise above what was going on in the cosmetics world, and she made a difference by simply attracting people to the unknown. When people were hearing about Unicorn makeup they became curious. When they heard about a name for a makeup company called Lime Crime they became curious. This is not the long-standing Covergirl or L’Oreal makeup brand. It is one that entices people because it is new.


Doe Deere has proven that she knows what she is doing with cosmetics. She has already devised a plan that allows her to build her business in a very creative manner. She doesn’t focus on anything outside of social media for marketing because she doesn’t need to.