Securus Technologies is a communications company which provides services to correctional institutions, law enforcement agencies, and safety organizations all over the North American continent. The primary objective is to provide phone and email services between inmates and their families on a broad basis so they can stay in touch.


While this is an excellent system for most of the people who are involved, there are some who take advantage of this privilege and use it for nefarious purposes. That is why there are safeguards that are built into the system that is designed to thwart such activities. This is a feature that clients appreciate because it allows them to have a safer and more rewarding environment, as opposed to a platform of crime and misbehavior.


Location based services or LBS software is a major tool that is used to track and follow up on the criminal behavior of inmates and others who are prone to use the phone and communications systems inappropriately. Cell phones are a favorite tool for criminal activity because of their mobility. Plans for escape, coordinating criminal activities, hiding evidence and the introduction of contraband are all limited by the LBS software.


LBS works by locating cellular phones without depending on GPS because the GPS is easily turned off by those who are wanting to hide any tracking. It will show where the individual is calling from and who they are communicating with on the inside of a prison, for example.


Recently an employee of a prison was caught planning a major smuggling operation to bring drugs and alcohol into a prison facility, and the system provided enough evidence to arrest and prosecute him. Another incident occurred where an inmate was heard discussing with a younger sibling how to talk to the police to hide evidence of a shooting that had occurred. That incident solved the crime of the shooting and resulted in the arrest and conviction of several people.