Doe Deere is keeping things interesting with Lime Crime. She is the entrepreneur that keeps showing up in the cosmetics world because she has been willing to listen. Doe Deere has called herself a very “passionate listener.” She became one of the most creative forces in the industry because she did what many people in higher positons with bigger companies would not do. She took advice and collected input from consumers.


There are a lot of people in CEO positions that will greenlight projects and look for feedback after the product has been released. Doe Deere, by contrast, has been one that would get more input from people before she released products. She would be able to create much better products because she listened to what the customers were saying up front. This would be the thing that would change the way that she ran her company. She embraced this input from consumers, and that would give her a whole new way to develop her brand.


The Lime Crime brand would evolve in an amazing way as a result of all that she was willing to explore. She put a unique spin on hair dye. This is the Unicorn Hair that would go well with the Unicorn Makeup that she was promoting. There is also some lip gloss and eyeliner from this brand. It was obvious that Doe Deere wanted to focus on her own vision and back away from the thought of following others. This is not what she wanted her for own company. She had already been told that she could not start a successful business in cosmetics online. Doe Deere was ready to prove the naysayers wrong, but she knew that in order to do this would have to stand her ground. She would have to come forth with a brand that was so unique and appealing that people would stop, look and listen to what she was saying.


This is something that has worked for well Doe Deere because she was focused and determined. She has stated that she is one that will always trust her intuition when it comes to developing her brand. She takes interest in what the fans have to say, but her intuition will be the thing leads her in the right direction for making decisions about her brand. This is what has given her a true connection to the cosmetics world.


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