The American-Statesman explained that the city of Austin will continue to experience congested traffic unless a technological solution is applied to address the situation. According to Mike Heiligenstein, his agency, Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority commended the Statesman for noticing this critical issue. He added that the agency was mobilizing resources to address the traffic situation in the city.

The work of CTRMA is to find mobility solutions like building roads in order to decongest the traffic. Building of roads has helped to better the lives of communities and at the same time enhancing the capacity of existing roads.

CTRMA is a local agency founded by residents of Williamson and Travis counties. Two years ago, the agency embarked on a project to construct MoPac Express Lanes, and variable tolling was to be set up using sophisticated technology for effective management of traffic flow. Despite the effort put in place by several players, it is naturally impossible to eliminate traffic congestion completely.

However, MoPac will help ease congestion, especially on the Express Lanes. The agency’s future plan is to apply tech solutions to build “smart roads”. The first step was to install fiber lines on 183 South project, hoping that in future vehicles will be able to communicate with roads they are moving on.

The Statesman relied on report released by the Texas A&M Transportation Institute. This report encouraged Texas residents to ride and walk instead of driving. This led CTRMA to build paths that would be used by pedestrians and bicycle riders in order to reduce congestion on the main road.

CTRMA has been partnering with other agencies like Texas Department of Transportation and other authorities in order to enhance flow of traffic in major cities in Texas.

About Mike Heiligenstein

Mike Heiligenstein is the Executive Director of CTRMA. He has been an executive of CTRMA since 2003, leading it from the foundation stage to a national agency. Under Mike’s leadership, the agency has been involved in various projects, and most recently the $1 billion project in different parts of Texas.

According to Crunchbase, before joining Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, Mike served as a public official for three decades. He participated in infrastructure development, as well as serving as chairing different social committees in Texas. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein:

Mike is recognized in Texas and also nationally. He is invited to address various groups about infrastructure, more so on transportation, both at the local and national levels.