Marc Sparks is working with Timber Creek Capital, LP. Now he is moving his office after nearly 14 years. The new setup will be more conducive for startup incubation. Learn more:


He is a serial entrepreneur who owns this private equity firm. He helps entrepreneurs to develop their new businesses so that they transform into a revenue-generating enterprise. Learn more:


He explains that any business will start by having a business model. Next, the resources have to be acquired in order to ensure success.


Marc Sparks has designed Timber Creek Capital, LP in a way that it has three different companies. They are able to have a highly extensive incubation period this way.


Marc Sparks is a serial entrepreneur. He knows what all is required in order to succeed in this world. This would mean a quality environment that is conducive as well as collaborative too. It is an essential ingredient that is necessary in order to succeed. He says that having a comfortable work environment is very important as that can spell the difference between achieving success and being a failure.


He has been responsible for starting off with dozens of companies that are highly successful. Marc Sparks feels that there is a special flow inside any office. This is required in order to maximize collaboration and achieve optimum output.


Marc Sparks has written a book, “They Can’t Eat You.” This book has a few successes, as well as a few failures. It talks about the journey of Marc Sparks as he learns all the real hardships of entrepreneurship. In fact, Timber Creek Capital, LP is able to embody the 35 years of entrepreneurial skills of Marc Sparks.


He knows all about tackling the multiple stages that are a part of launching any sustainable business. Marc Sparks usually takes on a just a few companies at one time. He provides them mentorship. Besides, he also provides access to several other important resources. These include banking and marketing. Other resources are capital besides office space, and so on. He ensures that the entrepreneur will not need anything after becoming a part of the system at Timber Creek.


Marc Sparks has wide experience in this field. He is well aware of the challenges along with the devastating circumstances that entrepreneurs have to face. This is why he would like to help them in realizing their dream. Learn more:


There are certain qualities in Marc Sparks that let him succeed in all his ventures. These include faith and passion for his work. Next are tenacity and focus. He always has a sense of urgency in him. He has seen all kinds of entrepreneurial success along with failure. This is why Timber Creek Capital, LP is fully equipped to take on the ideas of entrepreneurs and turn these into highly successful business models.