Growing puppies need the right nutrition in order to grow up into happy and healthy adult dogs. Purina Beneful Healthy Puppy Food provides all the protein and nutrients your puppy needs. The first ingredient is farm-raised chicken. With a whopping 27g of protein per cup, your puppy will get the energy she needs plus increased muscle strength. Whole grains and vegetables, like carrots and peas, provide delicious flavors and appetizing colors. Along with important meat and vegetables, Beneful Puppy Food has 23 essential vitamins and minerals to provide 100% nutrition. Calcium helps maintain bone and teeth health. DHA ensures healthy brain and vision development. Additional nutrients promote a healthy coat, strong immune system, and improved energy. Beneful Puppy Food is not breed specific. The bite-sized kibble is perfect for any size puppy. You can receive Beneful coupons by signing up for email communications on their website. You can also frequently find Beneful coupons on