As a new political action team in America, End Citizens United has been striving to remain relevant in the political landscape. The company is dedicated to conducting fair elections through its platform. End Citizens United has been the talk of politics given its persistence in pursuing political reforms. The group is committed to developing campaign changes geared towards fair elections. End Citizens United launched its operations by after raising $ 2 million. This amount was generated from small donors who are committed to the promoting the good cause of the group.




The main goal of End Citizens United is to participate in the constitutional amendment of passing a law that reverses the decision of the Supreme Court. Towards this end, over 325,000 individuals have been involved in the signing of the petition. This petition demands congress to pass legislation. According to End Citizens United, the number is likely to increase because the organization has partnered with Hillary Clinton. End Citizens United is proud to announce the endorsement of approximately 11 democrats. This number includes Senator Russ Feingold as well as Senator Michael Bennet.




End Citizens United has been focused on raising money to facilitate the elections. The organization has raised more than $4 million. With a focus to remain relevant during the next elections, End Citizens United has the objective of raising $ 35 million come mid-2018. Considering the amount the political action committee spent in the 2016 elections, this goal is realistic. According to Muller of End Citizens United, the team has attracted more than 100,000 new members. More than 30,000 people have made their first contribution. The group commits to chairing finance reforms towards congress elections. With the new cabinet in place, End Citizens United feels that Trump and his cabinet have demeaned them. With that in mind, the team is committed to transforming the political landscape by winning the 2018 congress elections.


End Citizens United is focused on fighting back. This is because of a few weeks ago, the team mobilized contributors with the aim of receiving donations for elections. One candidate from the team surprised everyone when he parted with more than $ 4 million. Mr. Jon Ossoff of Georgia is a first-time political candidate. He will be vying for Tom Price’s position. Tom was elected to health services position. In a different scenario, Muller was a political director for the Senate Democrats. She will be in charge of examining the campaign in 2018. Muller will ensure that the elections are conducted fairly.




End Citizens United is a political action committee. The organization has been chairing reforms in the American political landscape. Since its establishment in 2015, End Citizens United has been in the lead in conducting finance reforms.