United Technologies continues to invest in people who are creative and intelligent. Without them, we would not have an improved future. For example, The Pratt and Whitney Geared Turbofan engine has gotten an investment of over $10 billion dollars that improves the jet engine. They have calculated and tested the engine to change by improving its fuel burn by 16%, emissions by 50% and noise footprint by 75%! This has changed the air we breathe. There are 14 airlines and 72 aircraft that have used this solution. The better our air crafts are becoming the better our tomorrow has become because of reduced carbon footprint. With that said, travelers can easily go around the world without a worry. Also, with the advances in our technologies, we are able to give out more jobs and opportunities for people who need them. In addition, companies which supply large products for these engines are also gaining profit for gain and advancement. These competitive fields for business have evolved people and the future.

The former chairman and CEO of UTC, Louis R. Chenevert, is a hard working person with an honorable background in his career. He has led his team to the top for the Pratt and Whitney engine. He has helped his team of talented aerospace engineers by placing them where their skills are needed in the commercial and military markets. He lowered the lay offs of the employees which make his team a happy place.

Louis R. Chenevert graduated from Université de Montréal, École des hautes études commerciales (HEC). This university is located in Canada and is a great school for students who want to look into the world’s leading research university. With the excellent research, he has been given the background to lead a team into a great future of improvements. Louis has great leadership skills and wants to change the future of people everywhere. Overall, there are always changes being made in the science of technology to better our world from disease or pollution. A great team of people is only the beginning of the future.