There was a time when Key Performance Indicator or KPI for short, for the shipping industry was measured according to their on time performance. Each type of transportation had its own criteria. For rail movement, it was measured according to schedule departures, ship and aircraft movement was measured by their on time performance and the trucking industry was measured by the service type. Each type was seen as a separate entity when talking about KPI. Not so anymore. With the progress that has been made in all things internet, it is now possible to see it as one unit or entity.

With all this new technology, it is technically possible to track a package from the time the sender takes it to the shipment office, to the point at which it is delivered to the recipient. The problem now industry observers are facing is that they are not getting all the pertinent data to make an informed analysis when deciding KPI. This is because, when a shipment involves most if not all of the different types of shipping, some of the data is either getting lost or is just not available (LinkedIn). For those of you who are trying to make a decision based on performance, this can be a problem. Data such as the cost of shipping, customs clearing, final mile delivery arrangements, Minimum Quantity Commitment (MQC) are now in jeopardy.

However, there is a method to tackle these problems and it is called Electronic Data Interchange or EDI. A company such as Edisoft specializes in this by offering several different products. Started in the mid-1990’s Edisoft spent considerable resources in solving the KPI conundrum. They got the best heads in the business and worked on a software that seamlessly integrates EDI with accounting as well as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. This allows businesses to take care of their shipping issues with their partners. The company offers several different end-to-end supply chain products such as Edisoft Merchant, MerchantXChange and Merchant QuickPAK. Edisoft Merchant is an integrated EDI platform, MerchantXChange is a Value Added Network and Merchant QuickPAK automates order promotion.

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