“Hand me that bottle of beer,” so I would tell my wife after a long day at work. As I sit down on the sofa and guzzle down my drink, I feel relieved with the sweet scent and taste of my liquor. However, there is no nice beer like the one that is drunk in the presence of friends, especially the Canadian Craft Beer. Eli Gershkovitch has taken the ‘liquor store model’ to a whole new level. Using brews perfected in Gastown, Eli Gershkovitch has come up with the perfect ales, pilsners, and lagers that make Canadian revelers mouths’ water.


As the CEO of the Steamworks Brewing Company, Eli Gershkovitch has once again placed Canada on the global cartogram, helping a significant percentage of the Canadian Craft Beers scoop numerous awards in the just concluded Open Beer Championship. Some of the best Canadian Craft Beer brands in the market today include the Unibroue 17 Grande Reserve, Fat Tug IPA, Trois Pistoles, Peche Mortel En Fut De, Peche Mortel, and Nectarous.


To be the man he is today, Eli Gershkovitch has had to sacrifice a lot of time and energy to do what he loves best. Working as a pilot and lawyer but on a part time basis, Eli Gershkovitch has been able to create a balance between three distinct careers with being a master brewer dominating among the three. Currently, Steamworks Craft Breweries commands a huge following primarily because Canadians consider it the center of quality and value (CalgaryHerald). By using technology to his advantage, Eli Gershkovitch has been able to diversify and tap into markets that were once non-existent.


At the moment, Eli Gershkovitch is prospecting taking the business to the rest of the world, with the United States of America being his first pits stop. In a nutshell, Eli Gershkovitch has pioneered a new age whereby Canadian Craft Beer is now viewed by the rest of the world as the new black, something that was more of a fallacy a decade ago. It is without saying that out of the more than a hundred Canadian Craft Beers in production today, more than half of the batch beats beers from other parts of the world hands down.

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