When looking to start a new business for the very first time, young entrepreneurs often feel challenged at the thought of having to begin with little experience. Glen Wakeman, CEO, and Co-founder of LaunchPad Holdings serves as a stepping stone for self-starters to get their businesses up and running.

Wakeman has been praised for assisting start up businesses and contributing to their development. One of the most accessible ways to find out about different techniques to use as a beginner entrepreneur is through his blogs (Ideamensch). There, he discusses a variety of topics such as business transformation, leadership, emerging markets, etc. But by far the most successful feat accomplished by Wakeman has been his co-owned company, LaunchPad Holdings.

According to Wakeman, the idea of starting a business to help others came from turning ideas into money. From this, LaunchPad Holdings arose. Founded in 2015, their main mission statement is to create a clear path for entrepreneurs to follow, in order to increase their success rates.

Due to Glen Wakeman’s many successes, paying attention to some of his personal insight on different matters can prove to be very valuable as well. One of the most interesting responses from Wakeman came when asked: “What is the best 100 Dollars you have ever spent?” What did he respond? Well, it was investing in a Spanish language course. Learning a new language allowed him to open his mind towards new cultures and the many differences in the world. Not only has he said it, but most importantly he has lived it. Glen Wakeman has resided in six different countries and operates in 30 different regions worldwide. Being able to adapt to the different cultures of the world is an ever-growing importance in the changing global economy of today.

Whether it be his many successes such as his very own company LaunchPad Holdings or simply his words of wisdom, Glen Wakeman has proven to be truly a modern and revolutionary man when it comes to helping early-stage entrepreneurs.

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