Great leadership is seemingly impossible to find. United Technologies Corporation was one of the lucky companies to find such leadership in Louis Chênevert. Great leadership begins with knowledge and experience; knowing this, Louis Chênevert began his career by obtaining a bachelor’s degree in production management from the University of Montréal. He took his degree and began a career at General Motors, working there for 14 years. After his time with General Motors, he joined Pratt & Whitney where he was eventually elected president. In 2006 Louis Chênevert was elected chairman and CEO of UTC. During Louis Chênevert’s time with UTC, they faced major economic challenges. Most manufacturers were suffering due to an economic downturn, however, Louis Chênevert was able to use his experience and expertise to guide the company. Impressively, under his leadership, the company was able to not only survive but thrive as an innovator. An example of this expertise is during his initial time as CEO of UTC, where he brought the share-price of the company up from $37 to $117. This proved that good leadership can provide the tools to weather economic hardship. At a time where other companies felt pressure to lay off engineers, Louis Chênevert kept his on staff; even moving some to more expensive areas to increase efficiency. The products of that choice are clear when you consider that UTC assembles the most refined jet engines in the world and is the world’s largest manufacturer of escalators and elevators.

This accomplishment was made without the use of paying unfair wages, relocating to cheaper areas, or disregarding environmental concerns. Louis Chênevert didn’t participate in any outsourcing, making UTC a major supporter of manufacturing economies in Canada and the US. Louis Chênevert used his forward-thinking nature to ensure the company’s prosperity while supporting workers and aiding communities with quality jobs. In 2014 Louis Chênevert resigned and passed his position as CEO of UTC with Edward Kangas taking the helm.