Fabletics has been a reputable athleisure wear brand since 2013 when it was established. The company has tremendously grown to become a major competitor of older enterprises such as Amazon. The firm has was founded to offer quality activewear product to women. The proprietor of the business, Kate Hudson, is well informed on how to use the power of the crowd to ensure that it is successful. Fabletics has been in business for less than four years, but its success is incredible. Its revenue has accumulated to more than $235 million, and it has an annual growth rate of approximately 35 percent.


The athleisure wear firm has been utilizing the power of the crowd to ensure its success. It runs most of its business online through a subscription plan that currently has more than one million clients. Fabletics understands that the relationships that it develops with its customers influence its success. The company offers the best products and service to all consumers, and therefore, it has positive online reviews. Successful e-commerce enterprises have review sections on their websites, and this enables new clients to know the quality of products that they offer. Businesses that have an excellent reputation are very appealing to the public, and they have high chances of attracting loyal customers.


Research indicated that online client reviews have a significant influence on the sales and retention of any enterprise. Over 80 percent of the consumer population believes in crowdsources reviews, and they consider them as personal recommendations. Most people use the information that is offered by the crowd to know the actual quality of any product that they wish to buy. The Fabletics brand has considerably benefited from the positive reviews that it gets from the public. They have enabled it to get referrals and also retain more than 85 percent of its customers. The feedback that the company gets from the consumers allows it to improve its products and after-sales services. Kate Hudson believes that the ability of Fabletics to leverage the power of data, empathy, and technology has made it stand out in the e-commerce sector.


Fabletics’ top-notch products and services have impressed most of its customers, and therefore, they have given it positive reviews. The remarks of the company’s clients have enabled it to receive high rankings from search engines such as Yahoo, Google, and many others. Internet users can easily find the company whenever they search for anything that is related to it. The reputation of the athleisure wear enterprise is remarkable in most online review websites.


Kate Hudson has been working to ensure that the Fabletic brand markets itself well in the industry. As the company’s face, she has appeared in several advertisements that explain about its products. Hudson ensures that women across the United States are made comfortable by the activewear products that the firm provides. The company uses the reverse showrooming technique to increase its sells in more than 30 physical stores that it runs. The brick and mortar shops enable it to be accessible to more people.

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