According to the article in the Gazette Day, Miami isn’t a stranger to hurricanes. Disaster preparations are nearly second nature to the residents particularly those people who were witness to Hurricane Andrew wrath that came through the Florida state as a hurricane of Category 5 storm on Aug. 1992. Hurricane Andrew flattened parts of Miami city with damages amounting to 27 billion dollars in the year 1992 or 50 billion dollars adjusted for inflation.

However, Miami emerged bolder and stronger as redevelopment plans were nowfocused on building to the standards of the hurricane. Miami real estate experts, including Samuel Strauch, who was educated at Harvard University, Rotterdam’s Erasmus University, and New York’s Hofstra University, pointed out that developers learned their lessons quite well post-Andrew.

Samuel Strauch, the principal, and founder of Metrik Real Estate explained that the building codes in Miami city are among the country’s most stringent, and requires specific fortification of portals, roof, as well as other structural features to resist heavier wind loads.


The glass that is impact-resistant was used in the construction and designs of buildings that could be exposed to wind-borne ruins during a hurricane. The Cinder-block masonry, reinforced pillars that are solid concrete. On the roof trusses, hurricane straps became standard features in latest construction, to ensure that rebuilt structures can withstand wind plus water pressure from hurricanes.

Other buildings are strengthened to endure the bombardment of 180 miles (mi) per hour winds every controlled testing but haven’t yet been through a real incident like Irma. Recently, real estate agents said that the slowdown caused by Irma could not be as bad as expected. Samuel Strauch said that in his region and also among his customers, the retardation comes in the form of closing dates being delayed.

That is because the transactions that were near to completion before the storm were being put on hold because insurance and mortgage firms re-inspect the properties for storm damage that is supposed to be decreased even when the sellers okay with offering a discount for the repairs.

The greatest attribute of Samuel Strauch is that he has an ever-curious mind which has made him take a broader perspective in personal life and business. He’s a keen photographer, a cyclist, and he enjoys meditation. Samuel Strauch strongly believes that all people should take an approach that is active to take part in all stature (whether major or minor) to influence human development in a positive way.

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