When it comes to connecting the things that matter and keeping those things safe, the company people turn to is Securus Technologies. They are the number one provider for the communication solution within the correctional industry.


Securus works to install and manage the call center for prisons and they offer services to the inmates through phone services for inmates. The facilities that house the inmates are better for everyone with Securus Technologies being involved. Through the use of secure call platforms, they host a call management system that provides the personnel with much needed services ranging from offering services to the employees, training for situations and learning about products that can help inside of the prison walls.


The Securus Technologies call management services will allow for the communication technology to keep track of all calls placed within the inmate population. Any call that is placed by the prison of an inmate will be recorded and stored for later use if they need it. The calls can help prevent any further criminal activity from within the prison as well as creating a much less expense to the families and inmates which allows for them to make more calls to family and friends.


The payment methods for Securus Technologies is allowing for families and inmates to have an easier way to keep track of phone calls and by making it easier for families to make the payments. The use of convenient methods for paying for calls include using a kiosk to make payments, the internet, customer care call centers who process the payments made by credit card, an automated phone call system and more.


They also offer prepaid calling cards to inmates family, secure instant mail, a voicemail system as well as an automated information service. All of this can be included in the services that Securus Technologies offers its clients.