Tony Petrello and his wife Cynthia are known philanthropists. This became even more evident after the recent hurricane disasters. Hurricane Harvey hit Texas really bad. Tony Petrello lives in Texas. Around ten percent of his own employees were hurt by the hurricane. Tony Petrello told his workers to stop working at his company for a while and to take off time to help out the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Through this gesture, he made it obvious that he values the community and other people more than he values the profits of his own company. Tony Petrello has always been known as a man who cares for others above himself.

Tony Petrello and his wife donate to other causes as well. One thing that they like supporting is education. Tony is a well educated person himself. He studied at Yale University, where he got his mathematics degrees. He studied under the famous mathematician and math professor Serge Lang. Unfortunately, Serge Lang passed away not long ago. Tony made sure to attend his memorial. Tony loved his teacher, and he wanted to do something in his name. He decided to donate one hundred and fifty thousand dollars in his memory towards education. Not only that, but he said that if anyone donated their own money as well, he will match their donations up to the sum of one hundred and fifty thousand dollars according to Altogether, that would make a donation of four hundred and fifty thousand dollars. It is also expected that his generous donation will have a domino effect, and that other former students and people who like supporting education will make additional donations of their own.

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Tony Petrello and his wife are invested in other forms of philanthropy as well. They take a special interest in supporting local charities. They also support charities and organizations that help out children who suffer from neurological disorders. Tony’s own daughter suffers from cerebral palsy, so he knows what it is like to live with it.

Tony Petrello will surely have a great future ahead as the CEO of Nabors Industries. The economy is only expected to grow, and Nabors Industries is growing every day as well. However, Tony has made it abundantly clear that even as he becomes more successful, he will continue to make social responsibilities his number one priority, over his own profits and wealth.