It takes exceptional talent to realize what can be done in the world of fashion and it takes drive to make dreams come true. That’s why someone like Kate Hudson is already amazing simply for managing to get into the world of online retail and fashion. That she was able to go so far that she managed to make a company with millions in sales and plenty of people satisfied is more impressive. Something very impressive has happened here and the story is only being told now. Fabletics is an example of how a company takes on giants and makes it self into something more tangible.


The power of the crowd is everything in fashion and no retailer can escape its importance. For Hudson that meant she needed to find a way to use social media to make sure people had a clear idea what Fabletics was and why they needed to try the brand for themselves. This is exactly why she eschewed many of the other avenues used to market clothing in favor of this new high tech one. The plan paid off and made Fabletics the extremely popular brand we know it as today. This was certainly successful, but it was far from what she wanted to have in entirety for the brand.


Fabletics began as an online retailer but it has emerged as a brick and mortar store as well. You don’t need to look far to see their physical locations and the amazing success they have managed to garner in their own right. It’s something that you often see the opposite of. Brick and mortar stores seem to fold as online business takes over what they once had in the market. However, Fabletics has managed to survive this and continues to rise to the top as one of the most valued online brands out there.


The success of Kate Hudson is just another one in her long career. She has done other ventures just as well in the past thanks to her determination to focus on what is best for the business and standing out from the crowd. She has proven herself as competent in a variety of areas while most of the rival retailers struggled to stay afloat. That ability to survive no matter what she plans on doing is exactly why people are still talking about Fabletics in the world of athletic leisure wear.


Fabletics has harnessed the very core of what makes fashion itself and turned it into one of the most successful retail brands in years. They have already opened five locations without any problem so it doesn’t seem that there will be any problems with the others they plan to open up. Fashion gives us what is trendy and what is popular now. If you can make something popular, you have the potential to make yourself a fortune in fashion. Nobody has understood this better than Kate Hudson and we have Fabletics as an example of her genius at work before us.