In response to the incoming trend of mergers and acquisitions amongst major corporations, predicted to be a major factor for stock prices by Jeff Yastine in 2018, editorial director of Banyan Hill Publishing, recommended three stocks that are primed to challenge Amazon’s retail sector. Mr. Yastine’s prediction didn’t take long to come to fruition, as the talk of a potential merger between Embraer and Boeing caused a significant rise in the stock price of the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer. By February, there were already rumors that a mutually lucrative deal had come into play, which would result in the two powerhouses of the Americas to combine their commercial manufacturing sector while keeping military contracts separate. As a result of his career as an anchor with PBS’ s Nightly Business Report, Mr. Yastine gained intimate knowledge of the inner workings of big-box stores and focused his attention on the retail market.

Mr. Yastine recently suggested that savvy investors turn their attention to the nationwide grocery chain, Kroger, which after a loss of about one-third in stock value, due to Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods, proceeded to take the rights steps to remain competitive. Whole Foods, while backed by the electronic commerce juggernaut, has suffered due to the fact that product prices have only fallen about 1.1 percent, while quality is widely viewed to have declined noticeably. Kroger currently operates close to 3,000 stores around the country, with the planned implementation of automated checkout systems, overhead costs will be cut considerably, allowing them to remain competitive with Whole Foods. Check:

Jeff Yastine also recommends that investors take a look at eBay, which has a wide variety of buyers and sellers, making it one of the most well-established auction websites in the world. eBay currently has the ammunition to compete with Amazon, but if it were to be acquired by a powerhouse, such as Google, its potential could be greatly boosted. Becoming a subsidiary of Google would greatly benefit the auction website, as they would be able to take advantage of free advertising resulting from Google search results.

W.W. Grainger rounds off the list of recommended stocks to consider, which remains a powerful contender due to its solid infrastructure, as it currently owns its own distribution and storage facilities. This would greatly increase the power of any corporation looking to compete with Amazon, while also recouping the loss in stock prices resulting from fear of its lack of ability in delivering against the economic commerce company.

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