Banyan Hill Editor Ted Bauman works to provide privacy, asset protection, investment strategies, and more to those who want to protect their assets in the best, safest way possible. He has been working at Bayan Hill since 2013 and edits The Plan B Club, Alpha Stock Alert, and The Bauman Letter. He also writes for Banyan Hill’s The Sovereign Investigator Daily.

The Bauman Letter is a set of reports that outline a wide variety of ways to increase financial security and protect your assets. Recent articles include 7 Secrets to Doubling Your Gains Before You Buy a Single Stock and 7 Free Ironclad Tools for Protecting Your Money and Privacy in Today’s Digital Age. He uses these letters to provide consumers with factual, helpful ways to increase revenue and protection.

In addition to his career at Banyan Hill, Ted Bauman also writes for various other online publishers, such as and Crunchbase. On, he focuses on more ways to save money, the economy, personal finance, and other investment and money related fields. Some of his most recent articles include Act Now On Tax Reform and Save Thousands and The Incredibly Easy Way to Boost Your Gains by 1,900%.

On his Crunchbase profile, he has contributed to several articles as well on his field of expertise, including finance, bitcoin activity, and taxes. Some recent articles include Finance Expert Ted Bauman Explains 10 Lucrative Tax Tips and Ted Bauman Tells You What You Need to Know About the New Tax Plan.

Late last year, Ted Bauman sat down for an interview with Ideamensch to discuss his career and past experiences. While Ted was born in Washington D.C., he attended college in South Africa at the University of Capetown with degrees in History and Economics. Since then, Ted has worked for a wide variety of non=profits. He stated that while his focus is in economics, his true career is in writing, something that he enjoys a lot because he gets to take topics in finance and create articles that people actually want to read. In addition, he enjoys the ability to work from home and get his writing started during the morning, which he says is his most productive time of day. He discussed past failures and successes, and how they have shaped him into the person he is today. Read: