Wilhelmina Austin is not a stranger to the people living in the United States. The institution was brought into the competitive market not long ago, and it has managed to conquer and perform so well despite the high competition. The company has been registering a lot of progress in the last year, and it has shocked the consumers by announcing that it has plans to expand and cover a bigger market in the recent future. According to the news that have been shared by the company management, Wilhelmina Austin will be purchasing a leading modelling firm called Hayman Talent South. After the deal, the company will be called The Brown Agency. Re-launching under a new name is one of the things the company has been interested in for years.


Wilhelmina Austin and the Hayman Talent South are both very popular in the American market. The institutions have been able to do well in the modelling department, and they have managed to impress consumers who need their services. The companies have also proven to the people living in the United States that they are leading in modelling. While working together, the two private companies will be very powerful, and competitors are already getting worried about the partnership. The great team will be expected to change the whole world too. The Brown Agency is expected to start its operations soon, and it will be a full services company found in Austin.


According to Market wired, after the acquisition is complete, the organization is expected to run under the management of one of the influential figures in the modelling department, Justin Brown. Justin is not a stranger to the activities that take place in leading a modelling agency. According to the news that have been shared on the company website, Justine Brown is the founder of Wilhelmina Austin, and he has been in the market since the year 2010. Under his leadership, the modelling firm is expected to perform so well because of the amount of expertise he has acquired over the years. His dedication to modelling is one of the things that drive him. Apart from being highly experienced, Brown has all the right academic qualifications.


The leader of Hayman Talent South will be expected to take part in the management and leadership of The Brown Agency. According to the news shared by Justin Brown and other professionals working in the successful company, the founder of Talent South will be serving the theatrical division of the large company. The businessman has already worked in modelling for a while, and he is one of the people who has taken the industry to greater heights.


The two leaders are urging their supporters and customers to get ready for more and better quality services. The main company offices will be in Austin, and it will also be expanding to more cities in the recent future.



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