Rocketship Charter Schools were founded in 2006 and their doors opened for the 2007 school year. The first location was in San Jose California but since their opening Rocketship has expanded exponentially. There are currently over a dozen Rocketship charter schools in the California bay region alone. Recently Rocketship expanded across the nation and now has charter schools in Milwaukee Wisconsin, Nashville Tennessee and Washington DC.

Rocketship was founded with the hopes of providing an alternative learning environment for children of impoverished families. These families often live in unsafe or underprivileged communities. Rocketship Education strives to create a safe and nurturing learning environment so all children have access to the ability to thrive. There are many techniques that Rocketship embraces that have proven detrimental in their expansion and success. Students are taught with personalized learning. The staff and teachers at Rocketship understand that not all students learn at the same pace. Some students may enter their curriculum knowing more or less than others. This does not change the end goal which is academic achievement. Rocketship encourages each child and tailors their learning to their special needs. In addition to this personalized educations fundamental Rocketship also embraces each individual’s talents. These talents are not limited to students. The talents of Rocketship teachers, support staff and students are all embraced and encouraged to thrive. The third fundamental pillar that Rocketship embraces is parent involvement. There is no better advocate for a child than their parent or guardian. Rocketship encourages parents to volunteer and be present. More involvement in a child’s life by their parent will help them feel secure and accomplished.

With the 2017-2018 school year coming to an end Rocketship is encouraging all students to enter the second half of the school year with the eagerness to accomplish some personal learning goals. Some students may have fallen behind due to absences and Rocketship fully embraces that and will continue to tailor their learning to help them achieve their educational goals. Bringing family, community, teachers and support staff together to help children acquire the educations they deserve is the main goal that Rocketship is achieving in all of their charter school locations.