The Chainsmokers are a musical duo comprised of two New York DJ’s, Alex Pall and Drew Taggart. The pair have been driven into success over the last couple of years due to their outstanding lyrics, and because they keep their thumb on the demographic that comprises their following. They were recently interviewed by Interview Magazine about their single ‘Closer.’

Alex Pall opens the conversation by telling Mathias Rosenzweig of Interview Magazine how he and Drew met. Pall was with his manager in an art museum when he had a realization about his love of dance music. He wanted to pursue it hardcore, so the manager introduced he and Taggart because of this mutual love of electronic dance music. It took less than a month for Taggart to quit his job and move to New York City.

The pair also discusses the difference between being in the spotlight versus being big city DJ’s. Taggart said that it wasn’t much different and that it simply required a more open mindset about what kind of music to produce. Pall interjects and tells Rosenzweig that they work really hard to portray and authentic human experience to their fans. They write the music, or their friends write the music, but they guide it the way that they want it to go and work on it until they think it’s perfect.

This steers the conversation more specifically towards their song ‘Closer,’ and Rosenzweig asks what it was like to work with Halsey on the song. Both men say that her energy was absolutely awesome, and that she shared their lyrical passion. They all sat and tossed around experiences until they came across one good enough to pen a song about.

The interview closes with Pall sharing some information about how they track their demographic. They share about their Instagram account, and how they know that they are reaching people from six years old to forty years old. Taggart also explains that it’s different, yet not difficult, to formulate a stage show after primarily DJing. They say above all else that it’s fun and challenging to do.