Paul Mampilly isn’t a man who backs down from extensive work. Working isn’t ever something that makes this individual tremble. He’s an adept investor who comes from the United States. He’s delighted to be on the team for Banyan Hill Publishing in Delray Beach, Florida. Mampilly is the editor who oversees True Momentum, Extreme Fortunes and, finally, Profits Unlimited. The titles of these things all explain many facets of Mampilly’s knowledge. Investing is Mampilly’s primary priority right now. He was a hedge fund manager before. He’s a seasoned professional who has proficiency that can assist many others. He, because of that, has had the opportunity to show the world the inner workings of his large brain via Bloomberg TV, Fox Business News and even CNBC. He has a genuine knack for being able to provide people with stock suggestions that are of exceptional quality. Read more about Paul Mampilly at Bloomberg.

Mampilly created Profits Unlimited. It’s an Internet investment newsletter that caters to 90,000 plus subscribers. Mampilly’s writings assist people who want to learn about how he thinks. Since he used to be a key figure on Wall Street, people know that they can count on his suggestions and musings. People who are on the lookout for stocks that are set to soar regularly believe in Mampilly’s words.

This investment guru used to live in South Asia in India. The large nation was his place of birth. He relocated all the way to United States shores when he was much younger. He rapidly ascended in his new country, too. Paul Mampilly became a Wall Street talent within a relatively brief period of time. He’s been working in investment for a quarter of a century. He began working in the category in the early nineties. He was a Bankers Trust assistant portfolio manager at that time. He swiftly landed jobs that were harder to get as well. He handled enormous accounts for a financial institution that’s called Deutsche Bank. He did the exact same for ING. Mampilly even handled finances for a financial institution that came from Switzerland. He worked for both Sears and the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Paul Mampilly is keen on personal investments. His Sareptic Therapeutics investment in the spring of 2012 was a fine decision that brought on a huge gain. Paul Mampilly also made a Netflix investment at the end of 2008. This was the result of his noticing the Internet video streaming craze. See: