Peter Briger is one of the world’s most elite figures in the special asset investing realm. He started working with Fortress Capital in 2002 after giving Goldman Sachs 15 years. With Fortress Capital, he helped the real estate industry become more diversified. Briger is a Fortress principal and Co-Chairman at Fortress Capital. Briger has created wealth because of his natural talent for trade, especially when it comes to finding the gems that others have overlooked.In 1997, Briger co-founded the Goldman’s Special Situations Group, showing the world what he was capable of.

Briger and his group developed a reputation for making highly profitable trades. Briger was Goldman’s biggest revenue driver during his 15 years with the company. The group traded in car loans, mortgages, and even aircraft. They also traded in power plants occasionally. The essential strategy that the group had was to purchase assets that are troubled and are cut off from the usual sources of funding, whether because of financial, political or other reasons. They would buy them and wait until the market was better, then they would sell them for high profits.

The same old concept as usual, buy them low and sell them high. Doing this requires precise timing and an expert understanding of the markets.Leaving Goldman provided Briger the time and freedom he needed to focus on his new ventures. He raised more than $4 billion dollars for the Fortress Credit Opportunities Fund IV. That was more than 80% of the funds received.Peter Briger has proven himself to be an elite player in the trading realm and there is much that can be learned from him. He knows the markets like nobody else, and has earned his wealth with his pure talent. To Briger, the market is a knowable force, constantly changing but predictable and understandable. Peter Briger speaks the market’s language, and this shows.