In 2003, Ted Bauman began working with the Banyan Hill company as the editor dealing with protection of people’s wealth, risk management and migration. He resides in Atlanta with his family. Mr. Ted Bauman studied at the Cape Town University and graduated with a postgraduate degree in Economics and History. Slum Dwellers is among the organisation he founded and has helped so many people in various countries. Also, he worked researching and writing on different subjects. He also served in the Housing program in the U.S. and 2013, became a researcher and writer on a full-time basis. His visits to various countries have enabled him to learn so many things, most importantly he says that when you invest and want to keep your wealth somewhere, then do not do it on one place store in different countries. With the newsletter ‘ Bauman Letter’ he advises his subscribers. Every week he publishes on ‘Investor Daily’ newsletter and other journals.

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Recently, Ted Bauman wrote an article discussing how to protect your data from greedy online companies. He explains how his wife was asked to give her details on a particular website. Luckily, his wife did not send any details instead asked her husband. The second email was received but was scarier than the first one. The sender claimed to be the school administrator, threatened that if at all she won’t click on the link and provide the necessitated information she was bound to be suspended from school. Not only did she receive this email, but also her colleagues did. Her husband described the company demanding information as Yosemite Sam’s of the data mining. The individuals benefit from the information as they use it in different sectors.

He advised his wife not to send any information because if at all the school needed the information, they would ask her when at work. He gave the following reasons as to why the website should not be trusted: it could not explain why the information was necessary, neither did the company have a privacy policy, it did not use ‘https’, which is a trusted website. If at all it starts with ‘’HTTP://” then you have to think twice before any regrets later. Details of ‘Certification Authority’ were not available, while trusted websites have a logo of certification.

He concluded by claiming that the U.S. is no longer the country he knew. Over the past years, money was made in a trustworthy way by a provision of goods and services to the market. Lately, most businesses extract money from people in a deceitful manner.

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