Glen Wakeman: Entrepreneur for Entrepreneurs

One thing that entrepreneurs need when they are working towards their goals is assistance. This is where Glen Wakeman comes in. Glen Wakeman is an entrepreneur and an investor. He particularly offers help to entrepreneurs who are starting out. He is especially willing to share his insights about the markets so that other entrepreneurs who […]

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End Citizens United Leads in Conducting Fair Elections in America

As a new political action team in America, End Citizens United has been striving to remain relevant in the political landscape. The company is dedicated to conducting fair elections through its platform. End Citizens United has been the talk of politics given its persistence in pursuing political reforms. The group is committed to developing campaign […]

Dating App- Whitney Wolfe

Bumble is an online dating app that has been expanding since it was launched by Whitney Wolfe. Ms. Whitney through the app has been redrafting the rules of online dating. Asked what inspired her to design the app; she mentioned her purpose was to assist women who are seeking long term relationships through online dating […]

Richard Mishaan the Modern Day Artist

When we think of an artist, generally, we envision an individual with a paint brush and a canvas. However, Richard Mishaan Design has proven that beautiful art has the capability to go beyond just a canvas- it’s also found in interior designs. Richard Mishaan Design is what I would like to consider modern day artistry. […]

Jim Tananbaum: Guiding Foresite Capital Management towards New Opportunities

Jim Tananbaum’s has developed a reputation of spotting unique investment opportunities to exploiting them. One such unique opportunity, which he has already invested in, is the new and innovative technology being developed by the technology startup, Mindstrong Health. Mindstrong Health, which specializes in neurological devices, has developed a device for neurological psychology diagnosis and treatment. […]

Raise Healthy Puppies with Beneful Puppy Food

Growing puppies need the right nutrition in order to grow up into happy and healthy adult dogs. Purina Beneful Healthy Puppy Food provides all the protein and nutrients your puppy needs. The first ingredient is farm-raised chicken. With a whopping 27g of protein per cup, your puppy will get the energy she needs plus increased […]

Marc Sparks Believes In Innovation

Marc Sparks is working with Timber Creek Capital, LP. Now he is moving his office after nearly 14 years. The new setup will be more conducive for startup incubation. Learn more:   He is a serial entrepreneur who owns this private equity firm. He helps entrepreneurs to develop their new businesses so that they transform […]

The Importance of Routine For Success With Doe Deere

When people become entrepreneurs, one thing that they have to figure out is a routine. This is the one thing that is going to help them determine whether or not they are successful. People who have a routine have established some sort of structure that they can use to their advantage. When people get a […]