Dr. Shafik’s Contribution To The Society

Dr. Shafik Sachedina works with Jamati Institutions. He is the head of the department and he is also a dental surgeon. Shafik was born in 1950 in Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania. As an adult, Dr. Shafik is a very active person in organizations. He is serving in various organizations yet some in different countries. For instance, Shafik […]

Louis Chênevert and His Time at UTC

Great leadership is seemingly impossible to find. United Technologies Corporation was one of the lucky companies to find such leadership in Louis Chênevert. Great leadership begins with knowledge and experience; knowing this, Louis Chênevert began his career by obtaining a bachelor’s degree in production management from the University of Montréal. He took his degree and […]

Dating App- Whitney Wolfe

Bumble is an online dating app that has been expanding since it was launched by Whitney Wolfe. Ms. Whitney through the app has been redrafting the rules of online dating. Asked what inspired her to design the app; she mentioned her purpose was to assist women who are seeking long term relationships through online dating […]

Marc Sparks Believes In Innovation

Marc Sparks is working with Timber Creek Capital, LP. Now he is moving his office after nearly 14 years. The new setup will be more conducive for startup incubation. Learn more: http://timbercreekcapital.com/   He is a serial entrepreneur who owns this private equity firm. He helps entrepreneurs to develop their new businesses so that they transform […]

How Jason Halpern is Growing as a Developer

Did you know that JMH Development is a full-service real estate development company? Working with both residential and commercial real-estate, JMH has worked with thousands of properties across the country. JMH is best known for their focus on luxury properties, and owner Jason Halpern knows best how to design these properties for their greatest appeal […]

EOS Lip Balms Changing the Game

Where there is opportunity, there is a way if you have a clear vision and understanding of what is missing. And so, in 2009, EOS took advantage of that opportunity, with results that are paying off tremendously just a few years later. Chapstick was once the top name in lip balm, but it maintained this […]