Logan Stout is a famous business person, a philanthropist, and lover of baseball. He is the founder and CEO of IDLife. He has also developed a baseball organization known as the Dallas Patriots. The group aims at inspiring the youth and developing their baseball skills as well as encouraging them.

Logan being success minded, he became a professional athlete in baseball. He participated in 17 World Series events as both a coach and player. Logan went to Panola and acquired a degree in business and also acquired a degree in psychology from the University of Dallas. He received many baseball awards while in college. He also served as a youth minister and coach at Dallas Baptist University. After university, Logan played baseball with Fort Worth Cats.

The goal of Logan Stout was to help people attain their best by living healthy lives. He concentrates on body, mind and soul connection. He established healthcare known as IDLife supplying energy supplements, sleep aids as well as weight management items. The consumers get assessed before consuming the ideal products hence benefitting the organization. Stout is also a motivational speaker. He has written a book called “Stout Advice” concerning the Secrets to Building oneself, the team and others. It enlists the strategies towards his success.

Logan’s success in business was due to his passion for motivating others hence he quickly became a minister and a coach. Knowing the connection between the mind, body, and soul prompted him more to desire in increasing people’s health. He founded IDLife after being taught about a vitamin program and concerning nutrition hence he developed the ID Nutrition.

He makes money through his motivational books, speeches countrywide and his IDLife project. To become profitable, Logan strives to make a change in people’s lives. He believes in doing what you love rather than working just for money. According to Stout Logan, it is advisable to speak positively concerning your product and services to attract more customers.

New businesses can be generated well through referrals and customer assessments to fulfill their needs. Logan is a dedicated family man. According to him, his family is his top priority since it is his most significant motivation in life.

A mind full of knowledge impacts positively on the community. Logan’s success is due to his positivity. His satisfying business moments are when he inspires people through his words. Logan’s biggest inspiration comes from the bible on Jesus’ leadership traits. John C. Maxwell’s entrepreneurial skills motivate the way he conducts himself in the corporate world.



Equities First UK believes in every investor. It’s a security company that’s a leader in stock-based loans and securities. Founded in 2002, the company has closed more than seven hundred loan transaction. Borrowers can still retain their market shares, as they pay off their loan. The most popular loan is the stock-based loans, where you can get money fast.

Equities First UK is a global force, who care about every investor or business goals. The are a company that continue to break records, and help investor grown. It’s a trusted company that also help investors consolidate or expand their shares. Making the first step in applying for a stock-based loan.

Tony Petrello and his wife Cynthia are known philanthropists. This became even more evident after the recent hurricane disasters. Hurricane Harvey hit Texas really bad. Tony Petrello lives in Texas. Around ten percent of his own employees were hurt by the hurricane. Tony Petrello told his workers to stop working at his company for a while and to take off time to help out the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Through this gesture, he made it obvious that he values the community and other people more than he values the profits of his own company. Tony Petrello has always been known as a man who cares for others above himself.

Tony Petrello and his wife donate to other causes as well. One thing that they like supporting is education. Tony is a well educated person himself. He studied at Yale University, where he got his mathematics degrees. He studied under the famous mathematician and math professor Serge Lang. Unfortunately, Serge Lang passed away not long ago. Tony made sure to attend his memorial. Tony loved his teacher, and he wanted to do something in his name. He decided to donate one hundred and fifty thousand dollars in his memory towards education. Not only that, but he said that if anyone donated their own money as well, he will match their donations up to the sum of one hundred and fifty thousand dollars according to Altogether, that would make a donation of four hundred and fifty thousand dollars. It is also expected that his generous donation will have a domino effect, and that other former students and people who like supporting education will make additional donations of their own.

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Tony Petrello and his wife are invested in other forms of philanthropy as well. They take a special interest in supporting local charities. They also support charities and organizations that help out children who suffer from neurological disorders. Tony’s own daughter suffers from cerebral palsy, so he knows what it is like to live with it.

Tony Petrello will surely have a great future ahead as the CEO of Nabors Industries. The economy is only expected to grow, and Nabors Industries is growing every day as well. However, Tony has made it abundantly clear that even as he becomes more successful, he will continue to make social responsibilities his number one priority, over his own profits and wealth.


When it comes to connecting the things that matter and keeping those things safe, the company people turn to is Securus Technologies. They are the number one provider for the communication solution within the correctional industry.


Securus works to install and manage the call center for prisons and they offer services to the inmates through phone services for inmates. The facilities that house the inmates are better for everyone with Securus Technologies being involved. Through the use of secure call platforms, they host a call management system that provides the personnel with much needed services ranging from offering services to the employees, training for situations and learning about products that can help inside of the prison walls.


The Securus Technologies call management services will allow for the communication technology to keep track of all calls placed within the inmate population. Any call that is placed by the prison of an inmate will be recorded and stored for later use if they need it. The calls can help prevent any further criminal activity from within the prison as well as creating a much less expense to the families and inmates which allows for them to make more calls to family and friends.


The payment methods for Securus Technologies is allowing for families and inmates to have an easier way to keep track of phone calls and by making it easier for families to make the payments. The use of convenient methods for paying for calls include using a kiosk to make payments, the internet, customer care call centers who process the payments made by credit card, an automated phone call system and more.


They also offer prepaid calling cards to inmates family, secure instant mail, a voicemail system as well as an automated information service. All of this can be included in the services that Securus Technologies offers its clients.


When it comes to gifts, everyone likes to receive them and everyone likes to get them. However, it is even better when someone gives a gift. It shows they are unselfish, kind, and they are thoughtful. That is exactly what is happening with Bob Reina over at Talk Fusion with his one million dollar donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. Bob Reina is not the kind of person that does things to get attention or to get people to notice him. That is not his style. He does things because he believes, as he has said, that with great power comes great responsibility.


However, it is good responsibility at the end of the day. He wants people to know that if they work hard, do the right thing, and are a good person, they can have nice things happen for them. When they have those nice things, they should not keep them all to themselves. That would be a true shame. Instead, they should give back and help out others in need. Many shelters and societies are overcrowded and there are too many animals. This breaks my heart, and I imagine it breaks Bob Reina’s heart.


It is why his house is filled with so many animals. If he could take in all of the animals, I’m sure he would do just do that. That is the kind of person he is, as he wants to help out everyone and anyone, humans included. It is the reason Talk Fusion is around and it is the reason why the company has had the success it has had over the past decade. The company was built and created by Bob Reina for the right reasons. He wanted people to know they have an outlet for their creativity, their passion, and their love. They need to let the world see it because the world is more than ready for it. They want it and they need it.


More importantly, the person that is showing off their gift, they need to feel alive and like they are being the best version of themselves. Bob Reina really is a gift. Learn more:

Proper housing is a right to every human. However, the term proper may get a different description depending on those who talk to all over. However, the Boraie Development LCC is a real estate developer and offers services such as construction, property management and also sales and marketing. The company’s patriarch and the current president Omar Boraie had vision decades ago and believed that it was possible to change a whole town, New Brunswick. At 73 years, he’s still realizing his future of better housing and improving lives across the entire region.

According to, in New Jersey, there has been a poorly performing real estate and experts predict the future could be worse. The imbalance has had a ripple effect on the real estate owners wanting to cash in more by holding a little longer for their properties to appreciate before selling. It Has been born out of the demand-supply imbalance where the demand is already higher than the supply. Despite the bad times, NJ has had some of the best inventories in real estate with towns around having excellent access to the to the transit station. Therefore, the tow still has the capabilities to pull a good investment.

The Boraie Development has been in the business to develop the state of the art real estate to their clients and a reasonable price. It Is made possible through their working with strong financial institutions, which make the whole development be done at least time and cost. It ensures that the units upon completion are available to the customers at an affordable price.

The company has also engaged the well-abled professions in the architectural and construction sectors that are well experienced and take the deadlines and expectations of the company seriously. In a report by Yahoo, these individuals and organization do all the planning for approval and using the latest technology and equipment tackle the job in the shortest time possible. Timely availability ensures that clients promise on when to get their units ready for use is observed. In economics, this creates convenience and saves money.

With the current emergency of the widening gap between the housing supply in the real-estate and demand, many people could be bound to stay homeless. Therefore, there is a need to come up with quality and affordable houses in a short time to meet up the demand. The company has its future committed to ensuring that there are enough units and space for everyone to lead a quality life.

Late last year an Asian branch of Equities First Holdings, Equities First Holdings Hong Kong Limited, received reconfirmation of its Money Lenders License. This license is very important because EFH is primarily a securities-based lender. Without it, they would not be able to operate in Hong Kong at all. And EFH says that would be horrible for EFH since all the Asia market is a key market for the firm. However, if EFH is to maintain this license, they must also maintain some requirements set by the Hong Kong Eastern Magistrates Courts. These include data and privacy requirements, reporting and compliance requirements, marketing and advertising provision requirements, and operational and business practice standards requirements.

Their LinkedIn Profile:

After the economical downfall in the United States it has been hard for people in the country to trust all of the finical institutes that are there. Companies like Equities First Holding UK do not have that same worry put on them. The company is known for providing excellent service to all of its customers. The company claim to provide cultivating to their customer. Their goal is to help the current state of their costumer economical estate while also helping them prepare for the future. The company is prepared to help everyone with budget, retirement planning. college savings, and more. The company is also able to issue loan to its customers; offering some of the best rates out there. The company is not just for the individual, but is a fantastic place for cooperation to go if they are looking for financial and economic advice. Equities First Holdings UK is first class all the way.

As the founder and managing partner of Monkey Capital, Daniel Mark Harrison is creating terrific excitement in the blockchain world. Monkey Capital is bringing out the first 10-figure Initial Coin Offering raised through crowdfunding. Harrison is embracing innovation to build wealth using breakthrough technologies.

Radio host Chris Waltzek has interviewed other financial stars on his nationally syndicated radio show, including George Soros and Jim Rodgers, both billionaires who started out together in the hedge fund business. Waltzek gave Monkey Chain’s ICO 6 out of 5 stars when he interviewed Daniel Mark Harrison.

Interestingly for such a successful entrepreneur, Harrison is also a trailblazing writer. His first book, Butterflies: The Strange Metamorphosis of Fact & Fiction in Today’s World, is an unusual mixture of fiction and journalism. In it, he explores millennial attitudes and discusses interesting ideas.

He’s also been the subject of a lot of journalism. He’s appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The, The Daily Dot and Portfolio. He frequently appears on CNN, Reuters and Bloomberg.

He himself writes for CoinSpeaker, the leading source of news in the Bitcoin and Altcoin space. It’s also the second largest Bitcoin site online. There Harrison has written many stories on CoinDesk’s proxy Index, Bitcoin holdings spent and a top Bitcoin brokerage. He managed the editorial team and helped improve the site so it could be syndicated on Google News.

Harrison has also spent time as a columnist for Asian Emerging Markets Motley Fool and He’s also written for financial journals in the United States and as a senior reporter for Index Universe New York and Hard Assets Investor. As Editor in Chief and publisher at Marx Rand, he exposed an FBI agent working undercover as the head of the Ku Klux Klan. He published a story connecting a Toyota manufacturer with slave labor. And he covered how the United States FDA and pharmaceutical companies failed to stop cervical cancer is Haiti.

Harrison also serves as chairman and CEO of Daniel Mark Harrison Co, a family office that manages his personal and family assets. It has operations and work stations in Singapore, Hong Kong and Bangkok.

The summertime is the perfect time for families to unwind in front of a good movie. During the summer of 2016, the New Jersey Stage announced that the Free Summer Movie Series, sponsored by Boraie Development and the Provident Bank Foundation, returned to State Theatre. The annual movie series showed popular movies like Frozen, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Babe, Monsters University, Aladdin, and Despicable Me 2. Each movie was shown twice a day, at 10:30 am and 7:00 pm, free of charge to the community. This gave children, families, and youth groups the opportunity to enjoy some of their favorite movies, during the hot weather, in the remarkable State Theatre.

The State Theatre is a historic venue in New Jersey that hosts many live performances. The theatre also has a high definition digital projection system with a 46′ Stewart film screen and surround sound creating a highly enjoyable movie experience. The theatre can seat 1,850 people comfortable. The audience can either sit downstairs or high up in the balcony.

Boraie Development LLC

Boraie Development, a sponsor of Free Summer Movie Series, is a company that offers many services to the urban real estate market including real estate development, sales/marketing, and property management. They have been successfully running for 30 years and have become one of New Jersy’s most desirable developers. Their mission is to create amazing and high-demand properties while providing their clients with unrivaled service. They make sure all of their real estate projects are completed by the deadline and in a timely manner.

Omar Boraie, the president and patriarch of the company, currently has an office in one of their first projects in the town of New Brunswick, located on Albany Street. The building is called Albany Street Plaza Tower One. The property provides the town with 250,000 square feet of office space, and it also has a sister building called Tower Two. The company’s latest project in New Brunswick is a luxury high-rise residential unit on Somerset Street. The unit is called The Aspire. You can search him on Yahoo for more info.