One thing that entrepreneurs need when they are working towards their goals is assistance. This is where Glen Wakeman comes in. Glen Wakeman is an entrepreneur and an investor. He particularly offers help to entrepreneurs who are starting out. He is especially willing to share his insights about the markets so that other entrepreneurs who are hoping to make a fortune are able to profit from his knowledge. Glen Wakeman has a lot of insight that comes from his observation of the markets. For one thing, he has taken a look at every aspect of the market in order to find emerging markets and other opportunities for people.

As well as an investor, Glen Wakeman is also a writer. Therefore, he can articulate everything he has learned about the markets and industry he is in so that others can learn from his example and make the right choices. One of the best ways that writers can work on their craft and get noticed is through blogging. Glen Wakeman himself uses blog posts in order to share information that will help people learn a bunch of different lessons that will help them in their path to success in the financial investment markets.


Other things that Glen Wakeman writes about on his blog are global affairs, business transformation, leadership, and plenty of other things that can have an effect on the market (Facebook). One thing that Glen Wakeman shows is that he is aware of the world around him. This is one thing that is needed for people to be able to weather any types of storms that may come towards them. When one has an awareness of everything that could affect his business, then he could adequately prepare for what may come so that his business will still be there after the worst is over.

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As a new political action team in America, End Citizens United has been striving to remain relevant in the political landscape. The company is dedicated to conducting fair elections through its platform. End Citizens United has been the talk of politics given its persistence in pursuing political reforms. The group is committed to developing campaign changes geared towards fair elections. End Citizens United launched its operations by after raising $ 2 million. This amount was generated from small donors who are committed to the promoting the good cause of the group.




The main goal of End Citizens United is to participate in the constitutional amendment of passing a law that reverses the decision of the Supreme Court. Towards this end, over 325,000 individuals have been involved in the signing of the petition. This petition demands congress to pass legislation. According to End Citizens United, the number is likely to increase because the organization has partnered with Hillary Clinton. End Citizens United is proud to announce the endorsement of approximately 11 democrats. This number includes Senator Russ Feingold as well as Senator Michael Bennet.




End Citizens United has been focused on raising money to facilitate the elections. The organization has raised more than $4 million. With a focus to remain relevant during the next elections, End Citizens United has the objective of raising $ 35 million come mid-2018. Considering the amount the political action committee spent in the 2016 elections, this goal is realistic. According to Muller of End Citizens United, the team has attracted more than 100,000 new members. More than 30,000 people have made their first contribution. The group commits to chairing finance reforms towards congress elections. With the new cabinet in place, End Citizens United feels that Trump and his cabinet have demeaned them. With that in mind, the team is committed to transforming the political landscape by winning the 2018 congress elections.


End Citizens United is focused on fighting back. This is because of a few weeks ago, the team mobilized contributors with the aim of receiving donations for elections. One candidate from the team surprised everyone when he parted with more than $ 4 million. Mr. Jon Ossoff of Georgia is a first-time political candidate. He will be vying for Tom Price’s position. Tom was elected to health services position. In a different scenario, Muller was a political director for the Senate Democrats. She will be in charge of examining the campaign in 2018. Muller will ensure that the elections are conducted fairly.




End Citizens United is a political action committee. The organization has been chairing reforms in the American political landscape. Since its establishment in 2015, End Citizens United has been in the lead in conducting finance reforms.



Bumble is an online dating app that has been expanding since it was launched by Whitney Wolfe. Ms. Whitney through the app has been redrafting the rules of online dating. Asked what inspired her to design the app; she mentioned her purpose was to assist women who are seeking long term relationships through online dating and to ensure that the process is not annoying, discouraging, demeaning or even off-putting like most online dating apps.

According to a study carried out by Fast Company in 2013; 23% of women who used online dating apps felt uncomfortable and some of them were harassed, while only 17% of men had the same experience.

Whitney Wolfe felt the urge and was very passionate to assist online dating women by stopping the harassment. After being mentorship and advice from her friend and business partner Andrew Andreev; Whitney Wolfe went ahead to found Bumble which is well described as an Austin-based dating app. With bumble app, both women and men express their liking by tapping into each other’s profiles and only the woman has the ability to make the first contact after liking each other and now they can agree on how to meet. The app has been expanding marvelous and by 2016 it recorded more than 7 million users and 25 billion profile views. In the near future, the founders of the app are planning to expand its services to new levels of “Bumble BFF” that will go by the name Bumble Bizz. The main aim of Bumble BFF is for individuals to find both platonic and professional friends and connections.

Whitney Wolfe is the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Bumble dating app. Ms. Wolfe was also the co-founder of another dating app; Tinder. Whitney was born and grew in Salt Lake City, Utah. Whitney Wolfe’s father was a property developer while her mother was a house wife. After her graduation from High School Whitney attended Southern Methodist University and he studied International studies.

Whitney Wolfe began her career at a young age of 22 when she serves at Hatch Labs where she participated in a start-up cardify a project that was led by Sean Rad. Wolfe has been passionate about women dating life especially online and after Tinder, she founded Bumble which is known to feminine. Together with her partner they are devoted to change the lives of women using dating apps.

When we think of an artist, generally, we envision an individual with a paint brush and a canvas. However, Richard Mishaan Design has proven that beautiful art has the capability to go beyond just a canvas- it’s also found in interior designs. Richard Mishaan Design is what I would like to consider modern day artistry. The company expresses creativity by creating magnificence interior designs with a multitude of different themes- each having its own unique personality. Richard Mishaan Design has been able to make impressions, not only in paintings, but also in their ability to perfectly arrange things to create life in a space. They are able to capture the atmosphere of each area in the city of New York. One could even imagine living there with the life that Richard Mishaan Design is able to give to each room.

While browsing through the company’s portfolio, I enjoyed the numerous stylish interior designs that one could sort through. The design that I enjoyed the most was the Upper East Side Residence. This creation was absolutely stunning. Richard Mishaan Design depicts a classical theme and incorporates a hint of pop art to the arrangements. The way that they’re able to make these arrangements are absolutely amazing, and people from all ages would be able to appreciate this art.

With some interior designer creations, artist tend to put too many fragments in their work. It makes it impossible to believe that you could actually live in the arrangements that they have set up. However, Richard Mishaan Design is able to make arrangements look relaxing and secure while also ensuring that the themes are still in place. I love Richard Mishaan Design artistic abilities to do this. There are also an array of different colors that they use in their themes- adding a hint of fun. Richard Mishaan Design allows individuals to enjoy luxury themes for half the price.

Jim Tananbaum’s has developed a reputation of spotting unique investment opportunities to exploiting them. One such unique opportunity, which he has already invested in, is the new and innovative technology being developed by the technology startup, Mindstrong Health. Mindstrong Health, which specializes in neurological devices, has developed a device for neurological psychology diagnosis and treatment. The device uses artificial intelligence to recognize mood and cognition levels of the individuals with the view of determining their psychological and neurological status. The device comes with unprecedented levels of accuracy in cognitive functioning diagnosing and operational versatility as it is compatible with smartphones. The funds used by Mindstrong Health to develop the device was raised through Series A sourcing. The company raised up to $14 million from various investors including Foresite Capital Management and One Mind Brain Health Impact among others. Mindstrong Health hopes to leverage the expertise, industry knowledge and experience of the financiers to ensure the success of their innovative and ambitious project.

Jim Tananabaum: Academic and Professional Profile

Jim Tananbaum’s decades of experience and solid academic background have seen him develop excellent skills in startups, due diligence, mergers, deal sourcing and entrepreneurship. He is also a venture capital specialist with special interest in biotechnology. Additionally, his extensive experience, industry knowledge and stellar academic profile have seen him serve as a volunteer advisor for Harvard MIT HST Program and a member of the President’s Advisory Board at his alma mater, Yale University. Jim graduated from the university in 1985 with two degrees: a Bachelor Science degree in Computer Science and Mathematics and Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering.

Jim Tananbaum studied for his Master of Science in information theory degree at Massachusetts Institute of Technology between 1985 and 1989. During the same period, he was studying for his Doctor of Medicine degree at Harvard Medical School. Between 1989 and 1991, he studied for a Master of Business Administration at the prestigious Harvard Business School. These qualifications set him on a successful entrepreneurship path that has seen him found and cofound several entities where he has held senior management positions. He cofounded GelTex, Theravance and Prospect Ventures Partners. He was also a partner at Sierra Ventures. Jim Tananbaum founded Foresite Capital Management; a healthcare investment fund where he serves as the chief executive officer.

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Growing puppies need the right nutrition in order to grow up into happy and healthy adult dogs. Purina Beneful Healthy Puppy Food provides all the protein and nutrients your puppy needs. The first ingredient is farm-raised chicken. With a whopping 27g of protein per cup, your puppy will get the energy she needs plus increased muscle strength. Whole grains and vegetables, like carrots and peas, provide delicious flavors and appetizing colors. Along with important meat and vegetables, Beneful Puppy Food has 23 essential vitamins and minerals to provide 100% nutrition. Calcium helps maintain bone and teeth health. DHA ensures healthy brain and vision development. Additional nutrients promote a healthy coat, strong immune system, and improved energy. Beneful Puppy Food is not breed specific. The bite-sized kibble is perfect for any size puppy. You can receive Beneful coupons by signing up for email communications on their website. You can also frequently find Beneful coupons on

Sao Paulo has been one of Brazil’s fastest growing cities. Although the city has been plagued by problems such as crime and poverty in the past, Sao Paulo is quickly showing the world that troubled cities are fully capable of revitalization. With some of the hottest properties in all of Brazil being erected by the day, Sao Paulo is becoming one of the most popular destinations for tourists and those seeking permanent residence alike.

One man has been a major player in the revitalization of Sao Paulo. Jose AuriemoNeto is the CEO of JHSF Participacaoes, Brazil’s foremost real estate development firm. He has been instrumental in taking the firm to the next level, building many successful projects and some of the most ambitious real estate developments in recent history. AuriemoNeto has never been afraid to think big. Many of the projects that he has taken on have had towering dimensions, with some of the largest movie theaters, airports and shopping centers in Brazil today having been a result of the firm’s commitment to creating first-class built space throughout Brazil.

One of the largest projects that the firm has taken on under AuriemoNeto’s leadership has been ParqueCidadeJardim. The sprawling complex, located adjacent to one of the most heavily trafficked highways in Sao Paulo, has been an incredible success, with nearly 100 percent occupancy and stores doing a brisk business. The complex is home to four Class A office space towers, nine luxury residential condominium towers and a 180-store shopping center that includes many of the most prominent brands in the world, including Luis Vuitton, Reebok Academy and a Cinemark mega-theater.

ParqueCidadeJardim is just one example of the many projects that the firm has taken on over the last two decades. It has also been responsible for building an entire private airport. This airport has been designed to service executive jets, catering to the jet-setting global elite that has made Brazil one of the most chic global destinations. The influx of capital that has accompanied this new demographic of vacationing and second-residence plutocrats has been a major boon to the Brazilian economy.

Marc Sparks is working with Timber Creek Capital, LP. Now he is moving his office after nearly 14 years. The new setup will be more conducive for startup incubation. Learn more:


He is a serial entrepreneur who owns this private equity firm. He helps entrepreneurs to develop their new businesses so that they transform into a revenue-generating enterprise. Learn more:


He explains that any business will start by having a business model. Next, the resources have to be acquired in order to ensure success.


Marc Sparks has designed Timber Creek Capital, LP in a way that it has three different companies. They are able to have a highly extensive incubation period this way.


Marc Sparks is a serial entrepreneur. He knows what all is required in order to succeed in this world. This would mean a quality environment that is conducive as well as collaborative too. It is an essential ingredient that is necessary in order to succeed. He says that having a comfortable work environment is very important as that can spell the difference between achieving success and being a failure.


He has been responsible for starting off with dozens of companies that are highly successful. Marc Sparks feels that there is a special flow inside any office. This is required in order to maximize collaboration and achieve optimum output.


Marc Sparks has written a book, “They Can’t Eat You.” This book has a few successes, as well as a few failures. It talks about the journey of Marc Sparks as he learns all the real hardships of entrepreneurship. In fact, Timber Creek Capital, LP is able to embody the 35 years of entrepreneurial skills of Marc Sparks.


He knows all about tackling the multiple stages that are a part of launching any sustainable business. Marc Sparks usually takes on a just a few companies at one time. He provides them mentorship. Besides, he also provides access to several other important resources. These include banking and marketing. Other resources are capital besides office space, and so on. He ensures that the entrepreneur will not need anything after becoming a part of the system at Timber Creek.


Marc Sparks has wide experience in this field. He is well aware of the challenges along with the devastating circumstances that entrepreneurs have to face. This is why he would like to help them in realizing their dream. Learn more:


There are certain qualities in Marc Sparks that let him succeed in all his ventures. These include faith and passion for his work. Next are tenacity and focus. He always has a sense of urgency in him. He has seen all kinds of entrepreneurial success along with failure. This is why Timber Creek Capital, LP is fully equipped to take on the ideas of entrepreneurs and turn these into highly successful business models.


We all need money. However, we have all come to learn that money does not grow on trees. To be successful in this life, you ought to practice a lot of discipline and indulge in hard work so as to achieve your goals. As you reach the Promised Land, you get to realize that your desire for becoming wealthy cannot get quenched even when you have loads of money in your account.

It is at such a point in time that you opt to invest, but lack the knowledge on how, when and where to invest your wealth without getting burnt. The reality is that numerous risks surround monetary investment, and from time to time you are prone to get affected by inflation.

Also, it is important to note that there are safer ways of investing money with little or no consequences, particularly in this age and time.

Tending to the need for safer investments in America, the U.S. Money Reserve came to a realization in 2001. For more than one decade, the organization has been helping people and institutions reach a place of financial satisfaction by allowing them to purchase gold for long term saving.

Ever since the beginning of time, gold has always been considered as an ideal form of investment mainly because it is rarely affected by the economic climate that affects many currencies globally. Above all, buying gold as a form of investment has proved to be worthwhile primarily because the gold bullion gets stored in vaults that cannot be affected by cases of hacking or highway robbery.

A few months ago, the U.S. Money Reserve, through its website released an e-book that helps new investors gain a footing in the field. Besides, the organization has launched a program that encourages individuals to buy the 1/10 oz. Gold American Eagle Coins at a subsidy. So far, things seem to favor the American communities, something we should take into consideration.

Something fascinating about how the U.S. Money Reserve handles business is that it enables you to invest safely and at the same time gives you interest rates that remain unmatched. Hence, spending with the U.S. Money Reserve is becoming the new black for many Americans mainly because of the benefits that are most likely to ensue.

As an American, it will be of great disservice to you and your family if you fail to invest with the U.S. Monet Reserve. Take control of your life, and rest assured, you will multiply your assets in no time.

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When people become entrepreneurs, one thing that they have to figure out is a routine. This is the one thing that is going to help them determine whether or not they are successful. People who have a routine have established some sort of structure that they can use to their advantage. When people get a structure down, then magic happens. This is exactly what happened with Doe Deere when she first became an entrepreneur. She has taken the time to make sure that she has a very healthy routine down. While there is enough variety in her day, she does make sure that her routine is honored so that she can make progress.


One thing that Doe Deere does is prepare for the next day. For one thing, a productive day does not start when one wakes up. It starts the night before when one goes to bed. This is the main difference between waking up on top of everything and falling behind on everything. Another thing Doe Deere does is when she wakes up, she makes sure that she gets the healthiest possible breakfast so that she can maximize her productivity.


Doe Deere is constantly doing things to make sure her business is always moving forward. For one thing, she always has her Instagram open on her phone so that she can connect with her customers. However, she does make sure that she has a digital free morning so that she can stimulate her creativity and come up with new ideas to keep the life in her business. Not only does Doe Deere have her morning routine down, but she also loves her business and enjoys offering and providing makeup products and services to her customers.


One thing that can be said for people who are thriving is that they have their morning routines down to an art. However, most people may find it tricky to achieve when it comes to their lives. There are many people who try many different routines and approaches to their lives only to find that none of them work for them. One thing that some people who finally find a routine that works is that they base it on their strengths and their weaknesses. For instance, when people find their most productive moments, then they can capitalize on it. Another thing that some people learn is how to prolong their most productive moments.


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